Great Erik Pranks

Enjoy these wonderful Erik stories and a surprise video at the end!

Story #1

First I’m gonna give you a little history on how & why I came across CE. I saw a physic/medium in Nov (2014). Lost my husband 11 years ago 7/20/04. My mom died just this last August (2014). A friend of mine had a “psychic party” and invited me. I thought I was gonna just get my tarot cards read. Oh but was I in for the surprise of my life thus far. Nov 23,2014 changes THIS lifetime forever and I’ll forever be grateful for that invite. My husband IMMEDIATELY came through. I had my session @9pm and he popped in my friend’s session back @2pm. He was waiting for me. It was amazing, and I wished I would’ve went to one a decade ago. However, everything happens for a reason. Afterwards I was just shocked. I got on YouTube a couple weeks later to look up stuff on mediums and meditation. (He told me I had the gift and my husband wanted me to finally hear him.) First video that popped up was the interview Jamie & Erik did with Jesus. I was hooked. I watched every video, then I moved onto the blog and started reading all the sessions. I was hooked. That was the beginning of December. I’m not gonna lie…I was a little skeptical at first, However I kept watching & reading. Around March, I had my first visit from Erik. Oh boy…. I LOVE THE KID!!!!! It was a late night and I had been reading for days, couldn’t stop. I started taking classes, joined groups, read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on about the afterlife. I needed a break from reading so I went outside to smoke a cigarette and I thought to myself, I haven’t been on CE lately. Without hesitation I jumped on (so much for that break from reading) The second I got on I felt a presence. Let me back up a bit. I by this time had been communicating with my mom & husband. I said, who’s here. I heard Erik and I almost fainted. I sat down in the garage, lit my smoke, and I could feel him so strongly it scared me. I took 2 hits out it out and ran in the house. Of course he followed. I sat on the couch and I got chills like I’d never had in my life. We had some small talk and than I was like, I need a sign. Like them intense chills weren’t enough. Idky but I said (LOL) make a Mr. Clean commercial come on, he replies…. They don’t advertise that on this channel. I tell you what I about told my daddy to call the white coats. (I take care of him now that mom has passed) the commercial comes on and it was a swifter commercial. He said that’s the closest he could come. It was amazing. I felt relaxed, amazed, happy…. Just GREAT! I went in my room and we chatted for quite some time. I’ll never forget him saying”Your husband Dave, is a pretty cool guy.” I always called him David but everyone else called him Dave. He kept saying, message mom and tell her. Do it… Message her. I did the next morning. She told me to put it on the Erik encounters page. I’m finally doing it. Life’s been busy. The few days following that first visit he started the sticky sock crap. I was literally putting my feet up to my nose quite often. Then I’d hear him laugh. I’ve had MANY visits since. I miss him when he don’t come around for a while. He has shown up in my dreams. I had a session with my spiritual advisor on May 5 and Erik was there. I was so happy to get confirmation. Even though I already knew, it’s good to hear it. I’m so grateful for coming across that video on that December day. Between my spiritual advisor, my courses and Erik, Dr (Mrs) Medhus, Jamie, Kim and Robert, my spiritual journey is in high gear. THANK YOU for what you guys do. It has had a huge hand in changing my life and you better believe I tell EVERYBODY I know about Channeling Erik. I can live at peace with my friends in my head. Thank you for all you do. You’re making a difference!! Much love, light, peace & happiness to you ALL!!!

Story #2

Hi my name is Leah (in Canada!) and I love your site & YouTube videos! I’ve liked, subscribed & shared it all under Maxine Rhodes (my model name)

I have been on my own spiritual journey lately… so my friend told me about your Youtube and I have watched every video one by one, several times each… Addicted to it all! Thank you, it’s totally inspiring and has changed my life!

I have also been teaching myself the spiritual world and working on my own intuitiveness. I am only just learning about the world, but have always been a believer. So now I’m all over Jamie Buttler’s site learning everything I can! (discovered her from you)

Ok, so several thing happened! 2 nights ago I dreamed I walked from my room to the top of the stairs and saw a vase of flowers sitting as a gift for me on a tall box (that I usually get from my store for my stripper poles lol – so business related) I wasn’t sure what it meant so I looked it up the next day. It’s all success, spiritual growth, healing etc.

But soon after my body jumped like it never did before almost to where I sat up! But didn’t, just flopped back down and soon after fell back asleep. I was sleeping but woke up that moment and hoped I didn’t wake my husband! So when I watched the “Erik’s Infamous Prank” video, I learned it was my soul getting back into my body! I never knew that and similar things like that have happened when I was sleeping before!

Then that day… I was watching your videos all day, even continued at work while I was putting away shipment. I watched the video where Erik turned on Jamie’s Siri, then the next video on the Pranks. When she re-mentioned the Siri prank…. I said in my head, “I want Erik to do that to me too….” And even I was asking several times before for a prank and never thought I got one yet… I was always hoping ….

…. Just then my Siri, which was close to the computer, went on! It went to the meaning of the word that Jamie just said. At first I was shocked and thought “Yay” then of course I had to check it out thinking maybe it was a coincidence. I checked out my phone… and see if it could just go on… but even when I pressed the button, it doesn’t go to the word’s meaning. It goes to Siri saying, “How can I help you?” So it didn’t even do that. If you have it on voice command it doesn’t quite work… I always felt it sucked… and just used voice Google instead of Siri… she never works for me… So then I realized no, my Siri doesn’t work for me, it was Erik and it was not a coincidence! And then I was so happy and said, “Thank you Erik for pranking me…. you can do it again if you want… ”

And thank you for all that you do with the channel. I have been soul searching and had a hard childhood I am still moving on from… my father passed away and I never had closure… I even went to a medium where he said “Sorry.” and that he was crying now that he has crossed over and has seen how I have been hurt. So my soul searching… I came across the video with Robin Williams & child abuse and that really helped me a lot! I see it in a different light now. I get inspired and learn from videos like Buddha and Jesus… and I was raised Jewish so I didn’t believe in either… now I do… not religious… just spiritual….

Also I am writing a book and I am going to mention my spiritual journey in it as well as my story of my childhood and work… After I saw the video for “Abundance” I said to myself I am going to donate a proceeds of my book to “The Rape Crisis Hotline,” and I feel maybe I might be a spokesperson or inspirational speaker for women. I want to help women. I want to inspire them and empower them.

xoxoxoxo Love to you and your family, I feel the channel changed my life!
Love Leah Leckie

Now for this fun video. Gotta love JP Spears!

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