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Me: Many people say that there are earthbound spirits that become confused and need help being released into the light. Is that true?

Erik: Amen!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Okay, and yeah, so, they have to be open enough to—

Jamie (giggling): —Want to cross over!

Me: Yeah!

Jamie (excitedly): Erik! I gotta job for you! Go find the dude that haunts my office building and get him to cross over!

Me (laughing): What?

Jamie (chuckling): I’ve got a dude here that when I was (unintelligible) he was messing with my stuff, and I tried to get him to cross over, but he knew what I was doing and he didn’t want to!

Me: Dang! (It’s a Texas thang, sorry.)

Jamie: So I just sealed him out of my office.

I laugh.

Jamie: So, he never comes back in here, but the main rental office has been complaining that the other suites are having issues!

Me: Oh no!

Jamie: So ever since I sealed him off, the guy is sorta haunting other places.

Me: That’s funny. So, Erik, you have your job cut out for you!

Jamie (pleading): C’mon, Erik! Go do it! His name is Jonathon.

Erik: Oh, man. I’ve seen him He’s a dick.

Me (laughing): Oh no!

Jamie (laughing hard): You’ve got the right guy!

Me: God, Erik, please yank him over! Erik’s probably saying, “I don’t want him on this side! You guys can keep him!”

Erik: That’s the problem, Mom. You can’t yank him over. You really gotta, um, if they’re not ready, then they’re not going anywhere. They’re gonna stay in the dimension they wanna be in.

Me: Oh, God! Like the Houseguest from Hell that never leaves!


Although unrelated, enjoy this fascinating video about psychic dreams!

Can Dreams Tell the Future
More evidence that there is no time. Past, present and future are simultaneous. Everything is in the Now Moment.

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