Erik on Dreams

I'm back in Kerrville, camping through Sunday. We just love the Texas Hill Country. But I was surprised to find that another cold front is blasting through so tomorrow, the temperature is going to go down to 39 degrees! I love it, though, because I know that those 95 degree, 3000% humidity days are … Continue reading

Dreams and Astral Travel

Well, I still feel crappy, but maybe a tiny bit better. My problem is that I'm a slow learner. When my kids were sick, I'd go overboard kissing them to try to heal their bubonic plague with love. Believe me, the only thing that happens when you do that is you get the plague, too. I know this. After … Continue reading

Erik’s Pranks, Part Two

I don't have much to report today. My weekend plans are pretty boring. Gardening. Weeding. Trimming trees. Trimming knock out roses with huge thorns that will sure to rip my skin to shreds, long sleeves notwithstanding. And all in one million degrees and 300% humidity. Yay! I hope you guys have a … Continue reading