Healing Messages at a Crucial Time

These sweet testimonials couldn’t have happened at a better time. I’ve felt a bit low after someone named Leigh Leilani posted a bunch of horrible things (lies) about me and disparaged the mediums. I don’t even know her and certainly have never hurt he in any way. Two nights ago, I had an epiphany while I was in twilight sleep: For some reason, every time I do good, I give, I do something altruistic, someone hurts or betrays me. Certainly these people can’t be jealous of me! I mean, I’m not in the most enviable position. I lost my baby, have suffered a lot of hardship, loss and tragedy (all of which I embrace and am grateful for in some small way) and I lost my physician’s income, so I’m certainly not rich, so why? I know there is a lesson in there for me. I just need to do some deep digging and internal reflection. 

Thank you so much for all of you who have taken the time to click on the “Share Your Praise” button on the righthand sidebar and written such loving messages for Erik and me. I love you!

Testimonial #1

Thank you Elisa and Erik for everything you do. You’ve helped me restore my confidence and faith in the higher power and the humanity. You’ve helped me fight my fears ( although I’m still a work in progress in this area). Elisa, you are such a strong and humble woman, filled with so much love for all. May you both continue to shine so bright and help others shine as well.

Lots of love and light to both.
Thank you!

Testimonial #2

I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a little while now can’t remember how I found you but am ever grateful. You have opened my eyes and solidified my belief on the afterlife. I find myself advertising your channel for anyone to gain the peace I have gained. Still sad and shed many tears about the loss of my birth mother but feel so thankful and at peace it really is “ until I see you again “ I watched part of your memorial video hearing your family and friends with beautiful heartfelt and tearful stories all of which described a beautiful spirit being tormented within but perfect to all others. I had a beautiful friend kind of the little sister I never had who had internal demons which we knew of but never realised the depth of her depression as she mostly kept it hidden or at least when in public. To us all she was beautiful, smart, kind, worldly travelled, loving and well just perfect. She too ended her battle and I take enormous comfort thinking she too has had a weight lifted and is now at peace while still watching down upon us. I am an empath. I embrace it and believe it’s part of my soul contract which I’m honoured to partake in.

Testimonial #3

I have read many “new age” books they used to call them, maybe still do, since I was very young. Not so young now (64). I have always been aware of God being something other than what religion, any religion seems to think he is. I must say I always felt like “understanding” was always on the tip of of brain. When I by accident ( perhaps not so accidental) came across “channelling Erik” it was like…..thats it! This is what I have always thought to be true ( life after death)! It has helped me to REALLY come to terms with the deaths of my husband and mother and know that what I thought to be true was indeed true. It gave me comfort. I also have thoughts of my lifes path……..learning to love myself. I am working on that one. My life feels lighter. Thank you Elisa, Erik, and all the channellers. Sending love, Wendy

Testimonial #4

Dear Elisa and Erik,

It is with sincere gratitude and thank you for this post. Like Elisa, I too am an adult child of abuse. The result has left me with a lot of difficulties in this incarnation. I recently lost someone that I love so much to suicide. It was such a huge shock to all his friends and family. It and has been so difficult because he was a family member that I had “chosen” as my family, because as you know, the damage from child abuse is a life long struggle to keep the pieces together. I knew that it was just recently that my ‘brother’ crossed himself over and was not sure if it was “too soon” to reach out to him and try to figure out why he would leave us like this. Anyway, I reached out to Jennifer Doran and had the most amazing experience. At the beginning of our conversation she asked me if I knew Erik? I told her that I only have knowledge of both her and Erik through all the YouTube videos that I had been watching. She then told me that he was with us and that I had asked him to come. Now, when she told me that I was absolutely shocked. In the process of making an appointment with Jennifer I did ask Erik that if he would/could I would love to have his help in contacting my friend because I was not sure if Pete would ‘show up’. I was afraid that he would not come through and that I needed his help because of the grief I was feeling. And he was there!! He was so kind and he said so many things that I needed to hear. I have tried to work so hard at trying to change so many things and be a better person. Erik knew this and when he told me that yes I have worked very hard at changing what he called my “harsh” words to and about people. but for myself that I needed to stop using my ‘harsh” words on myself. At that point I stated that I had made so many mistakes and amazingly Erik told Jennifer to tell me that I was no longer allowxed to use the word “mistakes”. He told me that I have only made my life lessons. more difficult but they were in no way mistakes. This is HUGE!! Thank you Erik for being there. You have helped my healing with the loss of my ‘brother’ and I am so grateful to you and your mother for the sooo many things I have learned about “home”. I was raised Catholic and thought for sure if there was a hell I was going to be on the first bus when I was done screwing up here. I am profoundly grateful and humbled that in my time of severe sorrow he would help me. I have never felt worthy or deserving. I am blessed, I know that Elisa and Erik would never have been possible but for their personal tragedy. I thank you..

In case you missed it, here is Pamela and Erik’s Q&A session from April 20th.

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