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Hi Elisa. My name is Trisha. I stumbled upon this blog about four years ago when I was living in another city and going to school. I remember reading your story and feeling Erik’s energy coming from it almost immediately! I feel I’ve always been a sensitive child but I really started opening up my senses in early to mid teenage hood, and I’m 26 now. I believe Erik connected with me the very first night I ran into this blog and read a few posts. Connecting with him was very heart opening. It became regular, and now it feels like having a true friend! We connect telepathically all the time :D! I’ve been in a rough part of my life for the past handful of years, particularly because of my empathy and intuition increasing and all the crazy changes I’ve experienced, and I started to retreat more within myself, and it was so lonely, but connecting with him was like a heart blast. I had almost forgotten what a real connection could feel like so he came at a good time! He’s also helpful when I’m cooking, there’s been more than one occasion where I put a pot on the stove without turning it on, leave it to do something else like prep food, and when I turn around the stove is on and ready for me to start cooking! I’ve had quite a few incidences of stuff like this, it’s wild and can be so funny! Fast forward to now: I’ve been strongly guided to do healing and intuitive work and I could feel Erik encourage me to connect on here so I mustered the courage and thought I would! I have my own facebook page where I make videos, give free mini readings, offer services, and share all kind of spiritually uplifting stuff so I thought I’d leave it here: https://www.facebook.com/shardofashatter. I call it ‘ Shard of a Shattered Mirror’. I could feel Erik say he’d like to work with me to help and heal members of this community, and I thought that was exciting!

Thank you so much for your efforts! I’m constantly blown away by the way Erik has connected with and healed so many people, the light, love, and energy is incredible! This whole effort has been such a beacon of all things awesome, sometimes I can’t even believe it! He is a total inspiration! And the way you’ve been so candid and vulnerable– you are such an incredible lady!

Thank you!

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