Heartfelt Love and Gratitude

Dear Dr. Medhus,
Thank you so much for all the work you do, healing people, along with the talented mediums and your extraordinary son, Erik! I have enjoyed so many YouTubes of you with Erik coming through, along with the many guests he brought. Such a learning experience, and at the same time, absolutely delightful! The whole team brings such knowledge and joy!!! I just had a reading with Michelle, and was overwhelmed that both my family and Erik came through! Complete joy!!! I must tell you though that ever since I read Erik’s book, I have felt his presence at times, but thought how on earth could I qualify to receive his attention? Then something weird and wonderful happened! I have a refrigerator with a touch screen that shows a daily calendar, and photos. One day a photo of my Dad in his army uniform showed up, even though I didn’t have it stored in the album! From there, I started getting “sticky notes” with different messages, which made me laugh and I just felt it was Erik. So I asked Michelle in the reading if Erik was playing with me and my fridge…. Yes, it’s him. Dad did the photo thing, but of course it’s Erik with the sticky notes! This makes me feel so happy!!!

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