Helpy Helperton Strikes Again!

Guys, I had so much fun with blog member peeps last night: Kerry, Kari, Sara, Tiffanie, Jeff, my family, a mess of kids and more. All I can say is CE peeps know how to par-tay! The kids loved the hot tub and some of the daring ones would jump from the 100 degree water to the icy pool. Major shrinkage factor happening for the boys. I wish you call could have been there with us! 

Enjoy these heartwarming Erik stories. 

Story #1


My daughter has had an on again/off again relationship with anorexia. She was to have a session with a medium who channels Erik that afternoon. Before her session, as we were sitting in the car, Erik came to her and, in a very specific ‘Erik’ way, said to her ‘Fuck yeah, we gotta stop this shit!’ (Or close to it) When I asked her if he showed himself she described him perfectly.

As we started our session, Erik was already there. (THANK YOU ERIK???) He brought forth a lot of people and said how loved she was and that she had to stop putting herself in harms way. It was a very powerful, moving experience to say the least. The next day, I really didn’t see any changes in her eating habits. Still almost nothing. But that night!! he came to her and kept on her to eat, eat, EAT!! She has been eating like a boy ever since. Haha She is starting to resemble her beautiful self again. Erik has really stuck to her and made her feel better about herself. When everything else failed-therapists, psychiatrists, friends, and family- Erik pulled her through and I am forever grateful.

Debbie Sias

Story #2

Hey Elisa!

My sister and I were listening to the last radio show on podcast yesterday. There was a part where we were giggling with you guys and I was in the kitchen. As I lifted a cup of water off the table the water left under it formed a happy face. I have it in a photo and would love to send it to you. Not sure how? Just let me know and I will. I have many stories of how he has been helping me that I will share with you some time soon. (I am the one that called the radio show about my cancer.) I am now over here in Germany getting holistic treatment and it going great. Thank you both again for being here. With love & gratitude. Miran

Miran. What a beautiful name. You can send it to me at Thanks for the great story!

In case you missed it, here’s the latest Q&A from Raylene. We’ll complete the other questions on Tuesday and post that in two parts, Wednesday and Saturday. 


Also, if you missed the radio show this week, fear not because here it is. 

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