Erik’s Fun with My Family

While listening to one of Erik’s Channelings, I heard a distinct male’s voice say “hey babe”. I turned as I thought it was my husband although that would have been out of character for him. Of course, no one was there. I have seen and communicated with spirits since I was eight so this is not new to me. I chuckled as I realized it must have been Erik. I clearly stated that he is better off pranking my 14 year old daughter who is extremely talented in this arena. She was downstairs when she yelled loudly that there was a spirit playing hid and seek with her in the den. I told her the story and she has been listening to Erik’s channelings. The next day or so, he left quite a nasty odor while I was on my laptop listening to more of his channelings. Lastly, tonight, he showed up as a very large orb that glowed very brightly, coming up from the floor, near my husband, myself and another daughter, and shot across our entire great room, through the kitchen, and promptly stopped on top of the counter, next to the window. This was the largest orb I have ever seen and I have seen many through my 36 plus years of seeing/communicating with spirits. I adore listening to Erik’s channelings and his frank manner. Thank you for allowing him to be heard! Love, light, always, in all ways, Kristine.

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