How to Become a Medium

Before Erik, through Jennifer Doran, teaches us how we can develop our innate abilities of mediumship, I have a few fun things to share. I went to Kari Mena’s and Allison Allen’s Shiny Show event at Kari’s house, and it was so awesome! I really recommend you attend their next one, whenever that is. Allison did a wonderful job trance channeling Mary Magdalene, and the wisdom coming out of that woman’s mouth was absolutely jaw-dropping. Then, she also channeled Erik. That was a hoot, as  you can imagine, plus, Erik told her she needed to trance channel someone named Lady Sonia. Lady Sonia? Never heard of her. Allison asked if anyone knew of her and no one did, so I Googled her. Here you go. Typical Erik. 

Then when we were practicing with our dowsing rods, Erik decided to play, too. He had a beautiful black dragonfly land on the tip of one, stay for a long time, fly a bit, and land again, over and over. 

I have had many requests to include transcriptions in my blog posts, but I don’t have 4 hours a day to do that. Getting volunteers to help wasn’t ideal once they realized how time consuming it is. Transcribing software is imperfect and wouldn’t put the names of the speakers in or things like gestures, laughing, etc. So, I need a professional transcriptionist, but since that would require money that I don’t have, given how much I spend on CE now, I’d have to ask for help. If I get a bid for transcriptions every month, I’m hoping those who prefer reading would pitch in to cover most or all of the costs. Let me get your take on it:

Last but not least–and I know this is pretty random–the other day, I accidentally left a full box of cat treats (Sweet Temptations) on my front porch, waiting to see our cat, Bubbles, so I could give her a few. The next morning, I found the lid off and the contents gone. So, I used a cheap time lapse camera (that we bought to figure out which of our cats was peeing on our black leather couches) to nail down the culprit. Within three minutes, the food was gone. Check it out!

Grub Grabbers

Okay, okay. Enough digression old lady. Give the people what they want! 

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