The Spiritual Basis and Treatments for Headaches

If you suffer from headaches of any sort, as is the case with any disease or physical condition, your soul is sending you a message that something is not right. Erik gives lots of great advice, but you must also seek the attention of your healthcare provider. 

Before watching the video, The Soul Happy girls, Tracy and Cara, want to know if any of you are professional transcriptionists. If so, please email me at 

Also, remember that tomorrow at 6 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. In Thursday’s show, before taking calls from listeners, guest, Jamin Olivencia, will talk about how to be still and not automatically react to things that aren’t in your control. Then, Jennifer Doran will channel Erik when he takes questions from callers. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. I’ll see you among the list of callers and I usually go down the list from first on. If you’ve tried to get on to talk with our boy more than 4 times, email me at and I’ll see what I can do. Honor system, though!

A lot of you gave Sri Swami Svatmananda high praise for our YouTube session, so I’d like to share a bit about his services. If you’re interested, check him out at

What I really do during a one-on-one session is spiritual counseling using various tools, one of which is Vedic astrology which originates from India. I use Vedic astrology because it reveals a template of your individual journey in this particular lifetime. It is your journey and your path.
Everyone’s life, with no exception, is filled major trials and tribulations. Compounding dilemmas paralyze us into indecision and mental agony. “Why me?” “What must I do?” “What is the purpose of my life?” “How can I resolve my problem?” “Should I get married?” “Is this person for me?” “Should I invest in a business partnership?” etc.
Based on what I see in the trajectory of your personal journey in this lifetime, I help guide you by bringing in a synthesis of my accumulated experiences in various walks of life, from technical and professional qualifications, international entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, and experiences that span four different continents to a lifetime of spiritual searching around the globe.
In a similar way that you choose to use your GPS, you have total freewill to choose what you want to do. You can choose to follow the guidance provided by the GPS or NOT. You can choose to take detours, random pit-stops, or turn it off. Similarly, the guidance I provide are merely suggestions based on a particular perspective that do not bind or compel you in anyway. You have total freewill to choose to follow or totally disregard my suggestions.
The guidance you receive will either validate what your inner knowings or will give you a road map of your journey in this lifetime, and the direction you need for the immediate future. In other situations, it may help make sense of the situation you are in, and how to deal with it, or simply equip you with some clarity in planning your life.
Please understand, I am not a psychic, and I don’t do channeling or do psychic work. My guidance is limited to my short-comings and understanding of life and a deep sense of spirituality based on the ancient Indian wisdom.
To prepare for the one hour counseling session, it takes me hours to prepare for a session and to coordinate via emails and phone to set-up an appointment with a client. All in all it can take me 3 to 4 hours of work to make one session possible.
If you are still interested, then you can either PayPal or Venmo me at my email address above. Alternatively, you can make a direct deposit at a nearby Wells Fargo bank or do a direct funds transfer.
For All New Clients
1 hour session = minimum donation $200
This initial session will give you “road-map” which entails an overview of your life in terms of your life-purpose, direction and timing. Other topics that can include career/profession, finances, relationship/marriage, family/children, health, education, spirituality, re-locations/travel, etc…and any other subject you care to discuss. We will examine timing of events in terms of possible “seasons” when some of the above themes may play out.
This is your first full-session with me and will serve as a foundation for any further work we might do together.
Follow-up Consultation
General Q&A / Follow-up/ Annual or semi-annual update
1 hour session = minimum donation $200
1/2 hour session = Minimum Donation $100
Any One Question for a half hour session
for 1 question = minimum donation $100
Spiritual Guidance
1 hour session = minimum donation $200
Relationships and Compatibility
1 hour session = minimum donation $300
In this session you will get insights into your interactions with another significant person (or person to be) in your life. We will examine your strengths and weaknesses, and look at potential the struggles and pitfalls to help facilitate a dynamic and healthy relationship.
Compatibility in:
  • marriage/romantic relationships
  • between parent and child
  • boss and employee
  • co-workers
  • business partners.
1/2 hour session = Minimum Donation $100
This brief session is only to take a quick and cursory look at see whether further analysis is warranted by determining a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.
Career & Business
1 hour session = minimum donation $200
This consultation will look at your career directions/calling and help you to determine what you are best suited for in life and/or we can focus on your profession from the perspective of how to best position yourself within your field of endeavor.
Horary – Auspicious times
Starting an endeavor at the most auspicious time, help you get in-sync with the greater unseen universal forces to increase the potential of success. The Titanic, left at the worst possible time, and we know what happened. Picking an auspicious time for getting married, starting a new business, travel, health procedures, lawsuits, education, moving into a new home, will help increase the probability of success and harmony for all involved.
Health consultation based on Ayurveda
1 hour session = minimum donation $150
For more info please visit:
Vāstu Consultations – Management of space
Initial work via electronic media which does not require a site visit: 
$ 250 per 1 hour session over phone and/or internet.
$ 400 per 1 hour site-visit and $150 follow-up via email etc.
While Vedic astrology deals with managing our time, Vāstu deals with management of space based on the natural flow of universal energies. Vastu is similar to Feng Shui.
A Vāstu consultation can help harmonize the way you live in your home, work in your office, or design your next project! Want help deciding which home/property is best for you? For this work we employ both your astrological information to determine what is best for you and your family. This service is useful for choosing a plot, house, business property, or locating a rental for either business or personal usage.
To get started….
If you wish to get started please, send me the following birth data:
1) date of birth
2) place of birth
3) exact time of birth
and let me know what you are specifically interested in.
Should you have any further questions please feel free to email me.
With best wishes and blessings
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