Hugs, Smells and More

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Story #1

The stray dogs we have in our neighborhood were hauling at 1: 30 am for few consecutive days and I was worried and scared. So I requested Erik to calm them down. The other day I tried the pendulum idea and called Erik and my grandma. I told my grandma that she could learn to move it from Erik if she didn’t know how. And the pendulum moved once. I may have overwhelmed her with my inner dialog because the pendulum did not move after that. Anyway I’m glad it happened.

Tonight I was watching TV and browsing the Internet lying down on sofa when I smelled something that’s definitely a fart. I did not think of it as anything and tried holding my breath. And then since the smell was constant, it clicked that it is Erik. Now I don’t smell anything.
I was laughing and saying out loud “thanks Erik, now I’m in your story too” . I love it.

I love you all. I love you Erik.

Story #2

So I have become obsessed with channeling and ALL the YouTube videos associated with him and the site lately. And am going through a bit of a funk and had some spiritual questions so I thought “why don’t I contact him and ask him for help?” WELL I was communicating with him and I said “can you please show me a sign that you’re here? ” and I turned my voice EVP app on my phone! As soon as I asked him he came through and said what sounded like “I’m here!” And I go “wow… can you say something again? And he did. And I go ‘wow you’re really here showing me a sign ‘ then he said something like “oh my god!” Lol Then something other things that I couldn’t really understand. But I know it was definitely him. This is the first time I’ve actually had any interaction on my evp app and he came through promptly to show his presence! Very cool. I’d be happy to share it with you. Anyway, I felt his love and understanding and fun sense of humor and it was good connecting with him! Might I suggest for your future blogs to contact Natalie Holloway or Corey haim? Keep up the good work! Thanks!

Story #3

A few days ago I was in my kitchen prepping for evening meal. These days it is hard to ignore the horrible things happening in this country and in the world. I felt such helplessness and despair listening about the trial of a young man in Charleston, SC, and his absence of remorse in the case….then the Chicago brutal beating of a young impaired man… the uncertainty and polarization coming with the new president and his office…

I had all this questions flying through my head; what is happening, what can we (people) do, if we can do anything, how should I understand and accept that this is all part of the plan; us, as souls on our journey, agreeing to play part… I just cannot wrap my head around this explanation when the suffering of any kind is inflicted on people . So, in this despair and helplessness, I thought ‘Erik, can you hear me?! How should I accept/understand this?! How to find sense in it all? What are we to do? Can you hear me?!’ As I was asking these questions, I felt a blanket of calm, slight tingling coming down my neck and my spine and enveloping me with reassurance as in ‘Yes, I hear you’. I didn’t know if it was just my imagination. I was in disbelief and shook the feeling off, but I cannot deny the feeling of calmness that helped me to go on with my day…

Enjoy your Saturday!

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