Human Suffering: A Guide’s Perspective

A Channeling Erik family member who is also a client of Eclectic Horizons asked the following questions of Erik through psychic medium Kent Lehman. Click here to read the first part of this session.

Client: Ok, so is it difficult for our guides to watch human suffering?

Kent: He said to remember that the way that we see suffering, and he is pointing at you and me when he says “we”. He’s pointing to us on the Earth. It’s a little bit different than on the other side. On the other side they have compassion but they also can see from a broader perspective the experience and the lessons that are learned from the suffering. He’s showing me that their hearts hurt from us continually doing this cycle of inflicting pain and suffering on each other but the reason it’s there is for us to at some point become aware and decide that this isn’t right. I was asking him if there is a spiritual reason for suffering and he said that it’s not just thrown in there to screw stuff up.

Erik: It’s just a natural progression of being in a physical world where you have to survive. Here on the other side we don’t have to eat. We don’t have to have money. We don’t have to have all of this stuff to exist. On Earth, you have to do stuff to survive, so then there are power struggles. Until people realize that they don’t have to exert power over others in order to survive…at some point we can coexist and help each other. So suffering is there to teach.

Client: Right. And so from the perspective of our guides, I suppose what you’re saying is that they expect to see the suffering and they’re hoping for the day and looking forward to the day when we all move beyond the need to do it.

Erik: Yes. Their heart will feel heavy but their goal and their job is to work with you. They’ll keep guiding and nudging you towards compassion. Because if they can do that in small part with each person, whether the person gets it or not, at least they keep nudging toward that.

Client: Our guides have a big job! Do animals or plants, or everything living for that matter, have a guide or is it just for humans? Even like fairies or gnomes.

Kent: He was showing me some pictures so I’m seeing if he can describe it or if I’m supposed to describe the pictures. He’s saying it’s a little bit different. He’s mostly talking about animals and plants and not fairies and gnomes because actually fairies can be guides themselves. Animals and plants—rather than individual guides—have some guides and “watchers”. He’s calling them Watchers where they watch over a big group of them. So while we have individual or multiple guides for each one of us, animals, primarily since they don’t have that ego part of the brain like we do…

Client: Yeah that ego and that need for all of this conflict kind of thing?

Erik: Exactly! And I hesitate to use that word “ego” because they do have some ego (for survival instincts) but you… The brain part creates this conflict whereas they (animals) come in and they are still relatively connected. They come in with their mission and they stay true to it. They are living in the now and they aren’t thinking or worrying about, “Oh what should I do…?”

Client: Oh! They don’t have need for a guide!

Erik: Exactly! They don’t really need them. They have some Watchers that watch over them and if they get hurt there are spirits that watch over them to help them heal and also at end of life there are angels that come in to help them transition. Quite frankly for animals it’s quite easy because they remain connected their whole life no matter what happens.

Client: That is so cool!

Kent Lehman is a psychic medium and trance channel based in Lakewood, Colorado. He works together with his wife Cindy Musil in their business Eclectic Horizons providing private sessions to clients around the world. To learn more about their work, please visit their website, check out their blog, sign up for their monthly e-newsletter, and follow Eclectic Horizons on Facebook.

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