Eclectic Horizons recently invited another one of our clients (who is also a Channeling Erik family member) to ask questions of Erik through psychic medium Kent Lehman.

Kent: OK, he’s playing his theme music so I know he’s here!

Client: What’s he listening to today, Kent?

Kent: Well, today it is what it usually is, and that is AC/DC’s “Back in Black”

Client: A classic!

Kent: Exactly. Every once in a while he will do “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

Client: Another classic…

Kent: Another one he likes…because I’m a Rush fan…so he’ll play “2112”. Sometimes he jams alongside me when I’m playing that song on my guitar.

Client: …or as I like to refer to Rush, the “intellectuals” of the rock world!

Kent: I know he has a broader repertoire of music, but at least for me, he goes back to the classics!  So he steps in and says “How’ve you been?”

Client: Hi, Erik, how are you?

Erik: I am doing just wonderful today.

Client: Aw, good. Well, first things first. I’ve been looking forward to today because I wanted to thank you for a prank kind of visit that you paid me…maybe you’ve forgotten… it’s been a while now. You made my alarm go off. My non-working alarm, go off at 4:20 in the morning. Even though I was groggy I got a kick out of it. 4/20 was choice. Thanks!

Erik: I don’t try to make it TOO early, but I try to make it a memorable number!

Client: So I wanted to read you a quote that came off of the blog a long time ago and I thought it was so brilliantly phrased. I don’t know if a blog member came up with this on their own or what, but it’s wonderful, so let me read it.

“We are consciousness moving through various perspectives trying to experience ourselves.”

I thought that was so wonderful. So that got me thinking that one way to experience these perspectives is how we express it through living a human incarnation on Earth. And that made me think of comparing our lives to taking part in a play. So we take on our role in the play, and we hope to use our character we chose to develop ourselves and I think become love. And then we’re surrounded with other people in our soul group who take on their roles in our play and we’re all having these experiences together and we’re trying to grow and develop our virtues like remembering patience and forgiveness, overcoming jealousy, whatever we’re here to work on. So my question for you, Erik, is what questions do you think we should be asking ourselves and how should we be searching our own hearts to remind ourselves of why we signed up for this role in the first place? And how can we teach ourselves to remember our goals in this life so that we can get a renewed sense of direction for our purpose?

Kent: He’s congratulating you on a well thought out intro and question!

Erik: I wish I could take credit for that first quote but you nailed it right on the head. The question I would like to put in your head, and your description is very good, is, “If you had this broader perspective of what life is and the cycles we go through in life, how would that change how you live your life?” You are exactly right. We commonly think of a life cycle as being born on Earth and then dying, and that’s the “Circle of Life”. But if you expand it to a broader perspective and ask “What about those circles within that?”  Not thinking of it as a beginning or an end but looking at it as different cycles of perspectives.

Kent: He likes that word “perspectives” that you used.

Erik: So if you’re experiencing these different perspectives, these are all little cycles that we go through to learn more about ourselves and our connection to God or Source. In order to do that, we sign up with other souls, mostly from our soul group of people wanting to learn the same lessons. If you could step back and look from the bigger perspective, the way I see it, it is really like roles. Rather than it being this big, heavy and hard thing, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Life is real, but it really is like a play and we are acting in these roles with each other. And when this one is done we will review it and see how we liked it and decide on doing another one. That’s the whole purpose of reincarnating on the Earth.

Client: So are you saying that we should just hold in our minds that this is just one of our perspectives?

Erik: Yes, that is one question that would really unlock a lot of things for us, “How would I live my life if I knew that the reason I was here was to learn and experience things and to just be?”

Kent: He doesn’t want to make it sound like it’s all drudge-work, like you constantly have to be working on yourself but just experience life.

Client: Right. Just be open to these experiences.

Erik: Yeah and knowing that there is that bigger picture helps you change how you view life. Instead of constantly trying to distract yourself and not feel things, you realize that you actually do want to feel things. That’s why I’m here.

Client: Yeah, why bother to come here in the first place? Well, then so Erik what do you think about other methods to help us remember why we’re here? Perhaps to recall even specific goals and why we took on this role? What do you think about stuff like past life regression, meditation or even awareness expanding experiences or even edibles, whatever it would take us to…are you on board with that or…?

Erik: First, past life regressions. Those are great for getting the shit out of your life. Your past lives. This stuff hangs on you. These are things that you’ve been working on in multiple lifetimes and are still working through them. It can manifest in different ways especially as you are raising your vibration. Past life regression can help you when you are having these feelings and you don’t understand why. It can help you target things that are still hanging on you from when you were in a past life where you got really fucked up in it.

Client: Yeah. This is why I keep having to do this over and over again so it can be really helpful in cutting through it and getting focused.

Erik: Exactly. Although it’s not necessarily something that’s happening in your life now but you are still feeling it and by just being aware and being able to let that go. Like, “Oh, this is from a past life it’s not necessarily something that I’m dealing with now.” and you can let it go and heal it.

Client: Brilliant, thank you!

Kent: He said as you are going through life, certain experiences might trigger these. It’s a soul memory but not something that you are directly experiencing in this lifetime so that awareness helps you let it go and heals it.

Client: We can always keep healing.

Kent: Definitely!  You were asking about some mind altering things. He says it really is up to your belief system.

Erik: I don’t have a problem with marijuana or alcohol. There are things that people want to do to try and clear their mind or feel a certain way. When it becomes a problem is when you overdo that to where it becomes an addiction rather than mind expansion. So it comes to your belief system. Society has a judgment on things and so if it doesn’t bother you…Obviously you have to be aware of the consequences if you are going to do something illegal, so you shouldn’t do something just because you believe it.

Client: I see where he’s coming from. Cool.

Erik: The problem is when you use it as a crutch where you think you have to have this substance in order to obtain this state. You really don’t. You can do that from meditation, walking or experiencing nature.

Client: There’s a lot of other ways to get there.

Kent: He was also saying you can do something adventuresome that gets your blood going. But you can achieve that state simply with your mind. If you have that type of power then you are really there.

Kent Lehman is a psychic medium and trance channel based in Lakewood, Colorado. He works together with his wife Cindy Musil in their business Eclectic Horizons providing private sessions to clients around the world. To learn more about their work, please visit their website, check out their blog, sign up for their monthly e-newsletter, and follow Eclectic Horizons on Facebook.

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