I love the Channeling Erik Community

Erik is helping me all the time! I started with channeling Erik through automatic writing and now I can see, feel, hear, and smell him. I usually fuss at him about the smells, though! Your boy helps get me be in a better mood and raises my vibration. One day I was playing the song “bang bang” by Jesse J. He showed up in red high heels, jeans, black t-shirt and danced like he was in a Beyoncé music video. Erik and I sing in the car together. We play the guitar together. He accompanies me to the movies. He shares dirty jokes with me all the time. We have a blast! Then usually keeps in line and helps me remember boundaries and etc. I have joined the channeling Erik medium Facebook group! The admins Kathy and Alana was truly wonderful. They answer I have about channeling. Kathy keeps encouraging me to add myself to the website which I am going to do soon! Heather Quinto and I discuss Erik things all the time. Your boy is crazy but I love it! The channeling Erik community is the best!

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