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On top of that, I had a weird dream about Erik last night. He was around 6 years old, and I got out of bed, planning to wake him up so he could get ready for school. I was surprised to find him in the kitchen talking to my sister, Teri. She got him up early because she was planning to fly back to California that morning and wanted to spend time with my kids. I was watching him talk to Teri, and I started to wake up. As I was waking, I found myself thinking, “I wonder what kind of job he has?” Then I thought. “Oh, yeah. He’s dead.” I hate those moments of forgetfulness followed by those, “Oh, yeah. He’s dead” thoughts. Ugh. There’s a “DONATE” button on the right hand sidebar.

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Me: Okay, here’s a long one from a reader. Let me see if I can encapsulate it. “One thing that I’ve yet to understand through this now is the time we look inside for everything, into the heart, as externally is where the things we cannot control are. So, if our focus is internally, in the heart, what is the external world about for us now? If all we have control over is ourselves and how we perceive and react to things, what is the external world for now? Maybe it’s always been this way and we just didn’t realize it. All I know is now what has become impossible to worry about external happenings, where all of the suffering and I, like others here, have had too much suffering already. I’m just confused as to what the external world is supposed to mean to us now since there is so much negativity and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Hm, interesting question!

Erik: That’s intense.

Me: Yeah, that’s pretty intense.

Erik: In a nutshell the question would be almost how to be resilient and let all of the negativity move through us so we can get experience from it but not let it alter us.

Me: Like a river, huh?

Erik: Yep.

Me: Let it flow. Like the title of that movie, “A River Runs Through It.”

Erik: Well for us, it’s about the human kind of being a net, and the net can be in the water. It can experience all of the motion and all of the rushing of energy and all of the life force, but it doesn’t change the structure of the net. The responsibility of the human is self-preservation in a way where it exudes love: Love of self, love of others. And the qualities of love possess respect, compassion—I’m sure people can throw in more for the definition of love. And even though the world is growing and changing, it’s not about the demise of the humans that are on it or the experience they’re having.


Jamie (laughing, to Erik): Really? (to me) He kind of scruffs up here hair and says:

Erik: You know, it really concerns me that a lot of people almost enjoy being stuck in that mental dilemma of trying to figure out how to be able to always just emotionally accept or be resilient about what’s coming at them. They like to stay in that conundrum.

Jamie: Whoa, Erik! Nice word!

Erik: Thank you, thank you. I can pull things out of my ass every now and then. But it is. I see a lot of readers and a lot of people at home—they tap in to the Channeling Erik blog. You know some of them think our shit totally makes sense!” And it does. It’s story telling. It’s raw. It doesn’t beat around the bush. It doesn’t ask much of people. It just shows. But then they leave, and they wanna think about this shit of like what we’re doing is in some other world; it can’t be in theirs. Not true.

Me: Yep. Yep. Wow. (My wit and extensive vocabulary continues to astound me). So, I guess the holes in the net have to be pretty big. You don’t want to catch too much shit.

Erik: Yeah, no, no, no, it’s true, you know. Well, we’re talking about a river without trash.

Me: Oh, good. Just wondering.

Erik laughs.

Me: Anything else on that, Erik?

Erik: Nah, that’s going to have to be the readers’ choice if they want more from it or not.

Me: Okay.

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