Interview with Metatron, Part One

I seriously had no idea who or what Metatron was. I’d seen his name around a lot, but frankly, I thought he was a character in the Transformer series. But now I know differently! PLEASE HIT SUBSCRIBE and SHARE both of these YouTubes. Also, be sure to check out Michelle’s site:

But before we soldier on here, I wanna share last night’s radio show, Living with a Narcissist. Last night, Erik discussed the difficulties of having a relationship with a narcissist as well as patterns that some women have where they repeatedly attract abusive men in their lives, not just romantic partners, but bosses, friends and more. Some women attract abusive women as well, especially in the workplace environment, i.e. abusive female bosses. Of course, the same can be said for men who attract abusive persons, male or female, into their lives, but that’s probably less common.  Some of the questions were: Why does this occur and how can the pattern be broken? All of what Erik said was brilliantly channeled by the wonderful medium Michelle Gray.


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And now for the eagerly anticipated interview with Metatron. 

Featured image courtesy of Etsy. 

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