Erik on Self-Neglect and Self-Harm

Before watching the video, I have a very brief announcement: I’m taking my laptop to Apple to have the battery replaced.  Unfortunately, they say it has to be sent in, and can’t be done in house. That’ll take 3-5 days. So I will rely on my hubby’s laptop for the YouTube Live Q&A with Pamela and Erik (hopefully it’ll work!) But I won’t be posting anything on the blog or on YouTube until my laptop returns to my anxiously awaiting, loving arms. 

Interested in getting your question answered on Monday’s YouTube Live Q&A? Here are the instructions:

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PARAGRAPH. It will increase the chance that your question will be answered.

You can access it by clicking THIS LINK at that time.

Here are the rules of the road along with suggestions:

1) One question per customer, and please don’t type that question in several time.

2) If you plan on Erik bringing a deceased love one in, please include his or her name in the YouTube live chat thread.

3)  Last, please do not pay for “Top Chat” on live YouTube via the top chat function. Pamela, Erik and I want this to be entirely free for all of you.

And now for today’s topic: Why do we often place more priority on others than on ourselves? Most of us do so to one degree or another, but self-love is the path to becoming your authentic self so that you are in a better position to help those around us. Great channeling by Raylene Nuañes at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!

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