It All Comes Down to the Belly Button. Really.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, here’s a question from one of the blog members. What’s the association between the soul, the body and the mind?

Erik: Well, that could be taken a few ways. Do they mean the exact physical association or the energetic association?

Me: Hmm. I don’t know, physical maybe? Or both?

Jamie laughs hard at Erik!

Jamie (to Erik, still laughing): Oh really? That’s not a joke, Erik?

She continues to laugh a while until she finally catches her breath enough to tell me what he said.

Erik: It’s the belly button.

Me: Oh, okay!

Jamie: I was like, ‘What?’

Me (chuckling): Ah, so that’s why you have to contemplate your navel! It’s all coming together now! The key to all the answers in the universe come right down to the belly button!

Erik (laughing): Well, that’s what kids like to believe, right? Everything is connected to the navel; the umbilical cord comes from it. That’s the first source of nourishment, that’s where the womb, the sacral chakra, Hara, the pocket of energy sits.

Me: Oh!

Erik: The Kundalini sitting right behind it is the base of the soul.

Me (teasing): Ah, so THAT’S why it so important to clean the lint out of our belly buttons from time to time.

Erik: Bingo! Hey, Mom, you know in Asian cultures they won’t put their finger in their belly button.

Me: Really?

Erik: Yeah, they’ll clean it out when they need to, but they don’t dig in their belly button, because they consider that something that might block the chakra and create something like stomach problems. There’s old school knowledge to it that’s thousands of years old that the belly is sacred.

Me: Wow.

Erik: So if I had to point to any place in the body, it wouldn’t be the brain. The brain is like—

Jamie laughs hard again.

Erik The brain is like the storage box that you rent that gets dropped off in your driveway. You put shit in it. It’s still on your property, and you’re storing nice things in there, but it doesn’t run the whole show.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: Erik! So he’s saying if he had to point to a physical place, it’d be the belly of the body.

Me: Okay. What about the energetic association of the soul within the body and mind?

Erik: Energy exchange between body, mind and soul, this happens at every level, in every cell. Energy exchange of all three happens consistently throughout. It’s not like energy is kinda leaking out bits, traveling down an artery or vein and feeding different areas. It encompasses the entire being from the intracellular level up.

Me: So the energetic connection is pervasive between the three?

Erik: Yeah, cuz remember, it’s ALL energy. Everything is energy. The mind, the body and the soul..

Me: You make it sound so very easy, Sweetie!

Erik: It really is, Mom. Everything is very simple, really. It just requires a different way of looking at things.  

Me: Very cool, my darling genius.


This little guy has the right idea:

Kundalini Power


Now, YOU pick a navel to contemplate:

Candidate Number One


Candidate Number Two (and Iola's First Choice. Okay and mine too.)

Candidate Number Three (for Cat Lovers and Those with Questionable Taste)

Don’t forget Erik’s first national radio interview on The Sheila Show day after tomorrow! Jamie will be channeling him for the listeners so god only knows what everyone’s in for! Here’s the information. Be sure to tell your friends!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

5:02 p.m. Pacific Time


Blog member, Betty, found another site with Endre’s artwork. It’s all breathtaking, and I invite you to explore:








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