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Great news, peeps! The Channeling Erik Mediums have created their own website, and it’s very elegant. The mediums on this page are very gifted and reasonable, some even doing readings for free. If you’re interested in talking to Erik, your guides or a deceased loved one, check it out. Click HERE.

It’s still very stormy here in Houston. In fact, I’m beginning to think my wrinkles are sprouting mildew. I keep wishing the rain would go to the west coast to douse those fires and fill those reservoirs. I think we should all send prayers for rain to the area. If we do it together, who know? As long as we’re not responsible for any mudslides. 

Last bit of news: I’ll be asking Erik to rank our mediums in contention on the eBoard tonight. I’ll also ask him if we should just try all three for a while and see what happens after nerves calm and their relationship with Erik grows.

Here’s a channeling session between Erik and one of the gifted Channeling Erik mediums, Alison Alan. Thanks, Alison. Great job!

A: Hey Erik, how are you?

E: Sweet

A: Short n Sweet?

E: Long lean man machine

A: Haha – you are indeed. So what’s the go with all these celebrities visiting the CE Mediums, is this a worldwide thing where they visit everyone or is it just us lucky bunch of peeps – are they just doing their thing?

E: It’s like you think it is; they’re just doing their thing, but it looks like it’s an invasion cause you’re in the thick of it, but there is the added bonus of how happy it makes everyone, lifts self-image, makes people realize that they’re not just li’l old me from downtown no man’s land. They’re all worthy of a beautiful life. Robin Williams is a total medium whore. He fucking loves it. He can get around in a personal way to everyone he couldn’t reach on that level when he had a body – he’s a  dude.

A: Aww, he’s so sweet

E: Shit yeah – fucking A. I’ve been listening to you fucking Aussies too much. I’m picking up a twang!

A: It’s a good twang, dude. So that’s the big question I had cause lots of peeps are waking up and second guessing who they’re meeting in spirit.

E: It’s the real deal.

A: Thanks. I know they’ll be happy to hear that. The other questions I’ve been getting lately is how to control the spirit communication once peeps start doing it?

E: Tricky, tricky, tricky – nah not really it’s all about intention. If you put out the intention I’m off to sleep now then open your fucking eyes and ask if anyone is still fucking there dude. Then the intention is not working. You gotta say night night and mean it. I mean you could try all the religious baloney but that doesn’t sit well with me unless you really need a ritual. Just tell your spirit friends “Hey I’m still human and need a break.” It’s that simple – don’t be peeping and wondering if they’re still there. It sends mixed messages and spirit takes you at your word.

A: Awesome – so is there, actually the other question I get a lot of is about protection and in my reading with you and Jamie you said to create a paragraph that can then be represented by one word for quick use so I did mine and I state “so mote it be,” which represents my whole paragraph. Have you got any tips on that, what to include etc?

E: Easy peasy – you gotta state that the communication you want is only for your highest good, include or exclude whatever you like, whatever feels right, always what feels right, then recite it to yourself and give it a code word – simple right? Use the code word as often as you like. The spirit world is pretty fucking simple – don’t say what you don’t mean cause everything carries energy. Everything. Saying words to hurt, hurt, saying words of intent creates intent. When you change the intent of, bog off spirit I’m going to bed by peeping like a kid it changes the result.

A: Curiosity killed the cat!

E: Fucking yeah, exactly! (Points a finger with intent.)

A: Ok next question I get a lot is – what’s the biggest thing people can do to help themselves wake up?

E: Dude, we had hammered this shit, same answer every time you get asked. Meditate and intention, ditch those fucking beliefs, we’re real, believe it. (winks)

A: Awesome, thanks, anything else?

E: Nope – yep – get to bed. It’s late

A: Yes Dad – night night….

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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