It’s All About Channeling

Great news, peeps! The Channeling Erik Mediums have created their own website, and it's very elegant. The mediums on this page are very gifted and reasonable, some even doing readings for free. If you're interested in talking to Erik, your guides or a deceased loved one, check it out. Click … Continue reading

Channeling Grace Kelly

When I was young, I was always fascinated by and enamored with Grace Kelly. She was so elegant, eloquent and beautiful inside and out. As you will see, she still is. Erik: Who’s next? Me: Oh, okay. You’re eager! Jamie: He’s our “go to boy.” Me: I guess so! Well, let me give you a … Continue reading

Channeling Paul Newman

One of the reasons I chose my youngest son, Lukas's name is because of the movie "Cool Hand Luke." I fell in love with those gorgeous blue eyes! I wish I hadn't made this interview so short. Having over 400 celebrities on the list makes me feel the need to rush. I don't know if I'll get through … Continue reading