Chakras, Kitties and Poems

Before I go into this eclectic mix of subjects, I’d like to add that Jamie taught us how to check the health of our chakras with our pendulums. She also gave us various techniques to clean them and open them up. When I got home, I checked mine and it was just as I suspected. My root and heart chakras are shut down. This explains why I have times when I wonder why I’m here in this hell hole and why I feel so ungrounded (root chakra). As for my heart chakra, this explains why I feel so lonely and numb. I suppose grief will do that. It’s hard to open up your heart when you’re afraid to have it broken once more. But when you give love and give love but are shut down to receiving love, the flow is really not there. I’m trying to find other ways to open these two chakras up. I’ve downloaded some mp3 audio files to listen to, but if anyone has any other ideas, can you let us all know? And now, for the channeling transcript:

Channeling Transcript

Me: So, cat pusher, is it true that kittens start out by only seeing incarnate beings as energy, like just fields of energy? This is from Skoshi.

(Pause as Jamie listens to Erik.)

Me: Oh, and are cats better at seeing spiritual beings than dogs, elephants, etc.? She must be a cat person like me.

Erik: Cats are better at seeing them.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: It’s the way their eyes are set up.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And so we’re talking about all the feline species. Lions, tigers, cheetahs, domestic cats. Dogs are set up differently the way their eyesight is. They’re more into smell.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Um, so they can actually smell when a spirit is in the room.

Me (teasing Erik): Cool! I bet they can smell you a mile away! You must love messing with them!

Erik (laughing): Hell yeah! And they can see large sweeping movements whereas cats can see more fine line details.

Me: Interesting.

Erik: And, uh, kittens’ eyesight does start out blurry until 6 to 8 weeks. That’s when they start seeing better.

Me: What do they see? Do they see energy, energy waves at first? Do they see all of us as energy instead of matter?

Erik: Well, first of all, everything in existence is just energy, but I understand what you’re saying. They can see solid stuff as well, but they see all the energy and heat patterns that come off of animate and inanimate objects. So they have the best of both worlds, you might say. They can distinguish energy of a wide range of vibrational frequencies. That’s why they can see spirits so well. I know you’ve seen when Bluebell or Ringo just kinda look up into space and then start jumping up and running around.

Me: Yeah, I figured it was you playing with them.

Erik: Exactly!

Me: So you can have all the benefits of loving cats without cleaning out a single litter box.

Erik laughs.


Robert sent me this poem he wrote, and it’s so beautiful I just had to share it. As I read his words, I felt goosebumps on every square inch o f my body. Please enjoy.


i am here

in this place,

my body,

in the space

of a blink.


with intermittent fervor

i labor,

confined and in wait,

knowing the days

which feel endless

and challenging,

are but a twinkle.


i ask myself,

when existing becomes weary,

consider that time

is but a beat.

dwell not in despair,

i say.

for my eyes

will close soon enough,

and all that i call


will march into bliss.

dear souls,

hear these words

from the me

in this moment.

i am not unique.

we are but a blink.

fleeting, limited by Purpose,

challenged to unmask Opportunity,

but only while here

in this space.

a moment will come

when each will look back

and see

time in the now

is but a twinkle,

a mere beat.

take comfort

in this wisdom.

enjoy your Life,

it is by design

a most glorious adventure

encapsulated in the tiniest of frames,

a blink.

robert f burke

july 9, 2011


Last but not least, as many of you know, Nikki’s file for our contact information mysteriously vanished. In the event of an “off the grid” scenario, if you wish to remain in contact, please send the following information to her:

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