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The poll results are in! A vast majority of you would call in or use live chat to ask Erik your questions, would like to see the radio show happen weekly and prefer 5:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET. I’m new at this whole radio show thing, so it might be a little rocky at first. I’m using Spreaker.com, and they said it works best with a mixer. Well, I have no idea how to operate one of those, so we’ll see what happens without one. Plus I need some sort of graphics and an intro with music and a voice over person to announce the show. Knowing Erik, he’ll want the music to be a rock song, and I need to find something along those lines that is royalty free. Lot’s to think about. If any of you has had experience with these sorts of things, I’m open to suggestions! Okay, now for some bragging.

Story #1

I just want to say I have been following Erik’s heavenly journey & I see this as a miracle! His stories told by Jamie are at times amusing & at times I find myself in tears. Thank you Erik for sharing your story with us & thanks to Jamie for her gift to channel this remarkable story!

Love & light


Story #2

Hi All, I talk to ERIK every day. It gives me comfort knowing he is out there whether or not he responds but I know he is aware. So one day I am reading your blog and I got distracted. So, my computer just turned off for no reason. I guess I must have pissed him off but the computer just turned back on for no reason other than ERIK trying to tell me to give him my full attention. Lesson learned. I just recently spent a long weekend driving the Pacific Coast Highway between Morro Bay and Big Sur. I was with a friend who was acting and behaving in such a way I at times feared for my life. He was not the person I thought I knew. Throughout the whole ordeal, I was asking Erik to help maintain my composure so I would not set this maniac now ex friend off. Well, we were way up at the Hermitage in Big Sur and the sun was setting. For a brief moment I saw his face clearly in the clouds and then I knew I would survive. For the rest of my thankfully brief stay in Cali, talking to ERIK every day helped me to survive. Every day he is in my thoughts. I can not ever imagine him not being a part of my life!!!! Thank you ERIK, thank you!!

Story #3

My sweet brother, Paul, took his own life on July 1st of this year (2015). He was 48. He suffered for a long time with severe social anxiety and obsessive bad thoughts. Despite this, I was shocked and saddened by his death – so sad that he felt suicide was the only option, the only “out.” Sad that I didn’t do more to try and help him. Sad that I didn’t realize how bad day-to-day living was for him. I was riddled with guilt and grief.

Paul was an avid reader and one of the books in his collection was “My Son and the Afterlife.” I didn’t think too much about it when I put it in the “keep” pile. I recently picked it up and read it. WOW! Many things resonated with me immediately: Saying that Erik was up to his neck in a foxhole of despair, writing that Erik had no idea how much he was loved on Earth, talking about the compassion and gentleness Erik displayed, saying that Erik was making a statement of “I’m, done!” (with this earthly life). The book really opened my mind to the fact that Paul must be at peace. I have no doubt that it is because of the book, and my new open mindedness, that Paul came to me in a “dream.” I was half asleep. He smiled and waved to me and happiness was radiating from him. It was extremely comforting.

The book is amazing. The work that Erik is doing is incredible, and the courage and strength of Elisa Medhus is admirable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Story #4

Hi Elisa and Erik, my name is Kim and I live in the UK. I have always been really afraid of death but since finding this site a couple of months ago I have a completely new perspective, I also believe I’ve been pranked by Erik, one night I asked him to mess with my phone. The day my phone was the right time at at 2.20pm but at 3.15 pm it jumped to 4.15. I was so happy. Erik you can visit me anytime! Also I love the Big Bang Theory and was idly wondering if Erik liked it. Then I went on the blog and in a transcript with you and Jamie he used Sheldon from Big Bang Theory as an example. I was chuffed. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. It is really appreciated. Much love and light, Kim xxz

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