Kundalini Awakening, Part Two

We just got back from our wonderful trip! I’m watching Easton now and throughout the weekend so that Michelle and Nick can have some time alone fishing in Port O’Connor. Since the little rascal is very busy right now grabbing everything in reach from pens to cell phones to hot cups of coffee, I’m going to keep this introduction very brief. So, enjoy the next part in our series on Kundalini Awakening. By the way, Raylene’s surgery was a huge success, and she’s almost completely pain free! Thanks for your prayers and healing energy!\\\

Kim: Oh! He just interrupted me and said, um, this is neat. He’s snapping his fingers again and he goes, “You know, Kim, it’s such a high vibration that because it’s so high, that’s why you have these purging experiences. It’s because manifestations happen rapidly. When your vibration is that high, manifestations are instantaneous. That’s why most people get overwhelmed.”

Me: It’s too sudden.

Erik (mimicking an overwhelmed person): “What the fuck just happened!”

Me: Well, you say that it’s a high vibration but it’s very dense. I thought it was the opposite: The higher the vibration, the less dense it is.

Erik: It’s a place of pure energy, solid in and of itself but not actually solid.

Kim: What he means is it’s pure. When he says, “solid in and of itself,”—Okay, hold on. He just interrupted again.

Erik: That’s why when people have these rapid manifestations or experiences, because we’re emotional thinkers—

Kim: He’s using that with a negative connotation.

Erik: –and doers, we react.

Kim: Well, if it’s such a good thing, why do we get overwhelmed?

Erik: That’s just part of who you are. It’s part of your nature. We think, we analyze, we try to rationalize and we react.

Me: Instead of just feeling. “Feel first, think second,” as Erik says. We’re like, “Oh my god, what the hell is going on” and we’re using our brains to scare ourselves.

Erik: Yeah we engage the emotions and the thoughts go crazy. If you can just be still with the experience, allow it to happen and just feel without thinking about it or rationalizing it, later you can write down what you experienced. But the energy itself is whole and pure. That’s why it’s so solid and tangible. When you’re in this state, you have to be very mindful because manifestations are so rapid.

Me: Where is it in your body?

Kim: It’s really interesting that you said that because he said, “Then when you really become okay with how to stay in this awareness, you figure out how to use this extremely heightened super-consciousness,”—He’s showing someone with a huge head. (She giggles.)

Erik: Then you have the awareness of how to change your body. People can actually change body processes, even a woman’s menstrual cycle. It’s all energy and can be changed.

Me: Yeah. Everything is, yeah. Can you use this state to get rid of diseases?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: So it’s very powerfully healing!

Erik: It is.

Kim: Well, where in the body is this?


Kim: He’s showing me an image of a belt, like a chastity belt. It literally looks like this contraption that locks around your hips.

She laughs.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He’s just so full of information today!

Erik: So, if you have problems in this area of the body and things in this part of the body are all fucked up, there’s probably a lack of current, like energetic flow.

Kim: He’s showing me the hips, and then he’s showing me the heart, too, so beginning at the hips then going to the heart or vice versa.

Erik: When you can allow it to alternate—

Me: It pulsates? The flow changes?

Erik: Yeah.

Kim: He’s going back and forth like this:

She puts one hand over her heart and the other over her hips then switches back and forth.

Erik: When you can be okay with that, then you can go like this:

Kim mimics him holding one hand over the top of the head and the other below the hips, then switching back and forth.

Erik: You allow the head to be involved only for the super-consciousness, not for, “I can’t figure this out! I need to find out what’s happening!”

Me: Oh yeah, yeah.

Erik: As soon as you do that, you step out of that field of energy or state of awareness.

Me: What do you mean when you say, “awaken the energy?” What does awakening energy look like? What does that mean?

Erik: Think about it the other way around. The energy is already there, and it’s already awake. It’s more of a matter of us awakening to it. It’s not something you strive for or reach out to. It’s something you fall into and become.

Kim: He’s showing himself—this is such a cool image. Imagine Erik in a field covered with super dense fog. He crossed his arm over his chest and falls back and you can’t see him anymore.

Erik: It’s kind of the same thing. It’s an energy that you fall into and immerse yourself in. It’s in you already. You just allow it.

Me: Do energy healers use our kundalini energy to heal us?

Kim: He’s talking about something. I’m going to have him repeat it, and then I’ll have him elaborate on your question.

Me: Okay.

Erik: When you fall into that awareness, from one person to the other, obviously the experience is radically different because, to a degree, is unique like what’s happening in your physical body. So the experiences that you have when you awaken to it are not always the same. Now with your question about energy healers, it’s a matter of –I don’t want you to think about it like this: I don’t want you to think that you have this awareness, and because you’re an energy healer you can give it to someone else. You don’t give away your energy because then you’re exhausting your resources.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: I can do it because I’m not physical and I don’t get exhausted, but the physical body does. You need to understand that, as an energy healer, especially with kundalini type energy, that’s powerful enough to move lower energetic fields so that your client, your patient, whatever you want to call them, you move this lower energy to allow the awakening within them.

Me: Oh!

Erik: So, it’s not like, “I’m going to give you my energy—“

Me: You’re moving theirs.

Erik: So they can awaken to it themselves.

Me: Okay, yeah. What else can we do with our kundalini energy? We can heal ourselves; we can tap into All There Is and become big know-it-alls, Encyclopedia Brittannicas…

Kim laughs.

Erik: Yeah, you can actually become a know-it-all. This state is the place of infinite wisdom. There are people already on this earth that can uphold this state 24/7 but not very many.

Me: Yeah, I bet Jesus, Buddha, people like that were awakened to their kundalini energy.

Erik: Yeah. It’s a place of wisdom where you can access anything about yourself, your friends and family, the world around you, but it’s also a place for interdimensional travel.

Me: Oh!

Erik: You can even change your own form and the form of other things.

He winks.

Erik: Hint, hint, energy healers. Energy healers are way down on the scale of what we can actually do. They only scratch the surface of what we can do with this energy.

Me: Wow.

Kim: I know he’s talked about this before, but that guy, David Blaine—

Me: Oh, yeah. The magician.

Erik: He is in this state of awareness. He’s completely in this enlightened state.

Kim: Erik’s showing him bending a quarter.

Erik: He knows its energy makeup, so he also knows what to do to manipulate and change its form.

Me: Amazing.

Kim: I could just go on and on all day because I can ask so many questions.


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