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I hope you guys are having as nice a weekend as I am. I’m camping here in a little KOA part by Lake Livingston, and our camper is right at the lakefront. Bella is snuggled up in my lap, competing for space with my computer. Soon, we’re going to take our bikes and ride on the trails in the local state park. Then, we’ll probably go to a iconic diner called Florida’s. It looks like a whitewashed little house from the Fifth Ward in Houston, slightly dilapidated and very old, but it’s famous for it’s down home cooking. We’ve been there once and were very impressed. On the walls are all sorts of accolades including a write up in the big magazine, Texas Monthly. 

Just a reminder: 

Join Kim, Erik and me Monday 2/8 at 11 CT on the Dear Prudence Show with Amanda Grieme. Call ins welcome! 858-947-1909 

Here’s some love for Erik:

Praise #1

I was sitting and reading the book ‘Non-Violent Communication’ at work the other day on my lunch break, (which I know Erik is a huge advocate for). Anyway, I was sitting outside and it was soooo windy, but here comes this little green dragonfly drifting along gracefully as if there were no wind at all. After reading Erik’s book I immediately thought of him since he likes green dragonflies and felt like it was a pat on the back of sorts for my efforts at becoming a better emotional communicator. Thanks Erik for the visit and keep em’ comin’! Thanks to you Elisa for the blog it is so inspiring and I hope it helps you heal more and more each day. Sorry you had to disable the comments on YouTube, it is sad people need to try to hurt others instead of looking to themselves to find what is really bothering them. We ‘bloggies’ love you and you have all our support 🙂 Infinite love to you and yours and keep up the awesome work!

Praise #2

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truth is freedom. I can now connect with life with no fear and with the conviction that I can create what I really want. Obstacles as big as they can be, I still see the light. I still feel strong. I feel some purpose in all of it.
Thank you,
What an interesting ride.

Praise #3

I have always believed in life after death and read many books on near death experiences, after my brother took his life 16 years ago. I’ve been following Erik’s story for a couple of years now, and have no doubt that this blog is proof of life after death. My mum passed away 3 months ago and I have recently finished reading “My Life after Death” and would encourage anyone who is grieving to read this book (and the blog) for comfort and reassurance. Thanks to all that make this possible. I feel like I know Erik personally.

Praise #4


My name is Angie. I’m a Colombian artist of 28 years old from a small city named Cucuta. I wanna tell you the amazing stories of the experiences that I have lived with Erik, and how much I have learned from him. When I met Erik I was in New York studying acting and knocking the doors with music, just by myself. I didn’t have much friends. I was suffering a lot.

I’ve always been a different girl. I like to imagine a lot since I was little. Actually I had two lives at the same time. When I was in high school, I could be in my imagination, here and there, wherever I wanted. I didn’t know I had this ability for anything else than the arts until I met Erik.

Erik started appearing to me dancing. He made me laugh cause he dances so bad hahaha. I am a singer and performer, so he would appear dancing making me laugh. He has introduced me to Jesus, Michael Jackson, Frida Kahlo, and so on. He comes to talk to me in my meditations, and during the day by daydreams. Sometimes he is funny; sometimes he is very serious. My language is Spanish though I speak English. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to him cause he speaks to me in English and so fast, as faster than my imagination can even hold. One day I asked him to speak to me in Spanish, and he started saying to my ears ” alo alo practicando español” making the voice of a RADIO SHOW MAN. 😛

One day I told him that I wanted to make a similar video like the videos that you and Jamie record. So we called Frida Kahlo. And I’ve been so ashamed to uploaded it, cause I have troubles with the loss of look. He’s been helping me wih that. I remember one day when I was crying, he said ” That food that you buy has so many chemicals.”

He has given me advice with men, my career, my insecurities, everything… His first prank was in my dreams singing like Britney Spears. So funny. Imagine Erik singing like Britney Spears.He made his voice as a frog haha.

Although it’s still hard for me to believe my relationship with him, these days
have been the craziest, cause I bought the book, and just when I was explaining to my mom the book that I had bought, the fan turned off, and My mom turned it on again, and again it turned off, and that happened like 4 times, when I realised that my mom was like, “Hmmmm what’s going on?” I checked the connection and everything was okay so I laughed and my mom was like, “Why are you laughing?” I couldn’t tell her, but I knew it was Erik. Still it’s hard for me to believe we’ve been talking these days through meditation. He says that I have to believe, that I have become a good channeler, but still it’s hard to believe. Until today.

Today I received a call from my mom, but who was talking seemed like a machine, a machine talking to me, so freaking, and it was in English. My mind was set in Spanish so it was too much. I couldn’t even understand. I had never got a call like that. I was scared, It took me a time to understand what had just happened. I called my mom and asked her if she had called me. She says yes but she couldn’t listen to me. I know it was Erik, but today something else happened…

My mom asked me to talk to a friend of hers that lost her son by murder. She is a woman of 49 years old that has been suffering for the last three years. She came to talk to me trying to find answers. She is so in pain. Thanks to the YouTube channel and Erik’s book, I could explain to her where her son is. I felt like a baby talking to her, cause I am not a medium. Erik said before she arrived. “Go go Angie, go go Angie.” He said, ” Just talk to her and trust that you are not alone.”

I wanted to tell how far you have come. Maybe today I can give you this news of saving another life. She doesn’t speak English, but this makes me realise how important is the language and the internet right now for places like my city “Cucuta.” I’ll try to help her as much as I can.

Please say to Jamie that I am a fan of hers, hehe

I love Erik so much, and I love you too.

Apparently, the link to the Abraham-Hicks video went to gmail. I fixed it on yesterday’s post, but here it is as well:

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