Love, light & a request

Hi Erik and Elisa, I just want to thank you for all your great stories especially the youtube channel. I enjoy that very much. As a kid I did encounter some weird things that I was later told about a medium to be my grandmother trying to contact me to say goodbye. I have encountered talking to my grandfather a few years ago who passed in the late 80s. That was my first bi encounter that changed my whole world- It gave my a brighter perspective on passing and life in general. I am really trying to be more pen to receive from the other side to take on some messages. I would really like to hear from Michael Hutchence who died Nov.22 1997 from asphyxiation. He was the lead singer in the band INXS. No one knows if it was on purpose or an accident. I would like to know what his life purpose was and if he did intend to pass on as he did. – If that is possible Erik… let your mom know! 😉 – Love and Light from Denmark. – Bettina

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