Meeting Erik on the Other Side

I’ve been a member of the ChannelingErik family for a few years now. Erik always manages to pop in during the occasional readings I’ve had with one of our many precious mediums. I cannot say for sure that I’ve had an encounter with Erik outside of the aforementioned readings, but I learned this evening that my mother has met him. See, my mom passed unexpectedly on March 25th of this year. Although she lived with many health issues, her being gone in the blink of an eye was very much a shock to me. My spiritual understanding helps me to know that she is perfectly fine now that she has returned Home, but I really felt the need to hear it from the horse’s mouth…so to speak. Tonight, I had the great pleasure of connecting with Mom through Alison Allan. Mom shared her crossing experience which Alison and I both found very interesting. I was comforted to know that my grandfather and great grandmother (her father and grandmother) were there to welcome my mother Home as well as somebody named Erik. Ms. Elisa…that boy of yours is something else!! To know that he would love me so much to make sure and check in on my Mom on her arrival in Heaven just knocks me clean outta my socks. Thank you for bringing Erik into this world and for continuing to share him with us. You are such a blessing and I love you both to the moon and back.

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