Congratulations to Sarah Leach, winner of the contest. Many of you guessed right, but she was the first! I was married in 1983 and I prefer shorts, sloppy t-shirts and flip-flops. In a month or two, we’ll channel Sarah’s Higher Self!

By the way, this coming radio show, I’d like for callers to call in and share their stories about how Erik and Channeling Erik has affected their lives, hopefully in a positive way. If you want to share yours, please send me the number you’re going to call from so I can find you on the studio board! emedhus@gmail.com.

Good morning Elisa and Erik. Late last night my husband Alex and I were watching a video from youtube on the Mandela Effect. During the video a couple of passages were being mentioned from the Bible and how they have changed from what many remember them saying. The one that caught our attention was Luke 19:27. We had paused the video to look up that passage in one of the Bibles we have. As we read it and were discussing it the video we were watching started playing on its own. It started and stopped saying one phrase clearly, “Bible verse is wrong.” My husband immediate asked, “if this is you Erik hit play then pause”. He did not get the words out before the video did just that.

For the next hour may be less Erik spoke to my husband and I through the video we had playing. He would manipulate the video to say what it was he needed it to in that moment. I said to Erik that he is welcome to open up anything he feels will help in this communication as long as it is not a virus. Erik’s response was to get the video to say “HA!” He was laughing at that comment… Erik directed Alex to look for his video on youtube about expectations.

At first when Erik had asked what our expectations were I became confused. The only expectation I hold these days is for my brothers to hear and see the Truth for themselves so they may heal. Then it hit me…Erik was directing his attentions to Alex. My husband has never had a paranormal experience before( at least not one he can call his own). We have had a shared experience waking up to find a mechanical glowing red grappling hook retracting through our ceiling back in the early 2000’s. Other than that one experience Alex has wanted to believe in the paranormal, yet has lacked the faith and belief due to lack of personal experience. Erik communicating with him last night was such a beautiful gift to him. It has helped him cross that barrier fully into belief that it is real and it is possible.

I also got to ask Erik a question about his judgments and beliefs and how they are effecting his purview of what he perceives on both sides of the veil. I shared how I had to look at every single thing I experienced to see how I judged it all. That I made my first judgment that I did something wrong and deserved to be treated the way I was at 9 months old. The Holy Spirit/Higher Self folded time and space so I could be the observer of what was happening to that baby at that time. I was able to hear what was being said to that child. How the actions matched the words. The projection of what they were believing in to be true. That I had judged myself based on the treatment I was receiving from others. Erik didn’t answer the question I posed at the time to him. He was focused on Alex and what Alex needed instead. For that I am very grateful. My Husband had a need to know that this is real. Maybe Erik will contemplate my question and share with us his findings. Thank you Erik and Elisa for all you do. Hugs, love, light, and blessings. Namaste

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