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Here’s another post I forgot to publish from November! But here’s Part One and Two of the Afterlife series for you to watch:

Rune is on the track in Austin this weekend. COTA (Circuit of the Americas) is a new racetrack surrounded by all sorts of amenities and concession stands. He wanted me to join him, but it’s kind of boring for me sitting around while he talks to his guy friends about suspension changes and gearing ratios. Plus, we’d have to sneak Bella in because, for obvious reasons, they don’t allow dogs, and I sure don’t want her to have tire treads up and down her tiny back. Instead, while the cat’s away, the mice will play. As per tradition when Rune (whose nickname is “I HAVE SPOKEN!”) is gone, we have a party in the backyard. Michelle and Nick invite their friends, and Lukas invites his. 

Story #1

Hello, my name is John. I am a guy living in Tucson, AZ. I am in my early 60’s and have had psychic/paranormal experiences my entire life. I have a lot of really weird dreams my entire life. I was present when the big bang happened. I have experienced remote viewing, bi-location, out of body travel. I grew up with ghosts in our house. I actually saw one with my real eyes. I have had a lot of dreams dealing with aliens. A lot of telekinesic dreams. And the list just goes on and on.

I have been following Channeling Erik for a couple years now. I don’t remember how I came across you guys. One day about 6 months ago I kept hearing the sound of a really really big insect in my apartment and it sounded like it was buzzing around between my closed blinds and my front window. Then a couple times it sounded like it was on my side of the blinds flying around, but I couldn’t see anything at all. I have never seen such a big insect around my apartment complex before, so it really startled me. I was afraid to look behind the blinds to see what, if anything visible was there. The sound eventually went away.

Shortly after that, maybe a week later, I was at home on my computer and I kept hearing what sounded like a tree branch rubbing my front door when the wind was blowing. The sound moved from my front door to the window to the left. The sound went back to my front door for a bit, then it moved to the right window. This went on for about a half hour or so. Then the sound moved to an inside wall in my apartment and it sounded like it was coming from the apartment next door. There was absolutely no way that this could have all. After a few minutes I was then getting unnerved about it all. I said in a loud voice, ‘Is that you Erik?’ The sound immediately stopped and I have never heard it again.

Story #2

Hi everyone I am new to Erik and was introduced to him by a friend the first reason for this ifeel was to share there is a lady in my workplace who lost her son to suicide this Christmas and I am trying to get the book to her through others that know her well .

Erik has pranked me by turning on the shower one evening my daughter and I were in the kitchen and heard the booster start( its very loud in the kitchen) knew my husband was asleep but crept up stairs as it stopped to find my husband snoring v funny Erik. Also during yoga Erik seems to enjoy downward dog runs around the room, doing postures but also I believe he was healing a lady near me who has had recent surgery . keep going Erik am hoping to hear from you soon!

Beware of what you wish for!

Much love to you all,


Story #3


First of all I have to Thank you for spreading Erik’s word around the world !!! He has helped me a lot, and still does :). Last night he woke me up around 5 am, and he was crystal clear. I said oh, hi Erik, you have come for a visit. What do you want to show me at this time of the night? Then he showed me a fish. My eyes got up and I said; what, a fish??? What about fish? Then My grandsons “fish” popped up in my mind, the one you press a button and it sing don’t worry be happy. I laughed to myself, knowing Erik was telling me just to relax and be happy. Then when I turned on FB this morning the first that was on my page was channeling Erik with the topic; all about play ? lol. Wow, isn’t he just the most wonderful boy……. Thank you Thank you Thank you, I love you deeply, all of you!

I love you, too!

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