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Here’s Thursday’s radio show in case you missed it!

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Praise #1

Hi Elisa, Jamie and Erik. I stumbled across your blog a week ago and I feel a real conection to what Erik has to say. i have stuggled with religion my whole life and have always felt diconnected and uncomfortable with the concepts of the religions I became involved in. Once I discovered utube I found many videos that has helped me find a truth that resonates with my inner being. I have always felt religion and the threat of Hell to be a way of controling the masses but have always felt alone in my views. I seem to have large flaw in my ability to connect with people. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and tend to be betrayed and lied to by most of the people I try to get close to. I try not to let this affect my opinion of individuals but it has made me resent the human condition. I am generally a very happy person howerver I am withdrawn from most people and find happiness in nature and with my dogs and cats. I feel like I am meant to do something important. I don’t care about money and have lived my life heart first when making decisions. I gave up a great job I loved in California when I started rescuing dogs. 11 dogs and 11 cats later I moved to Maine with the whole herd. Since moving here my life has been a constant struggle. I find it even harder to connect with people here. There is a dark vibe I cannot put my finger on. My plan is to go back west. Does Erik have any advice he can give me. Can he see my path? I have already received some guidance just watching your blogs. I was hoping I could get some more personal advice. I would love to get a reading and welcome Erik to visit. I wish you all much peace and love, Sincerely,  John and his pack

John, Elisa here. You have people here in this community that will not betray you. Remember that. I’d check out Kim’s site and see if you can talk to Erik through her or talk to Erik during next Thursday’s radio show. There are other great mediums you can connect with through the Channeling Erik Mediums Facebook Page, too. Move to Texas! We’re a very welcoming and warm people.

Praise #2

I want to thank Erik, Elisa, and Jamie for opening my eyes to the fact that we are indeed not alone (in so many ways)..I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person, but never really gave it much thought beyond that. I’m really not into any sort of organized religion, as I never really found one that seemed to fit me.

I’ve been going through a stressful period the last few months of my life – someone close to me has been struggling with addiction and other serious health problems and it has been very emotional, leaving me feeling anxious, worried, and somewhat fearful of the future. However, I have felt lately like there has been someone watching over me. I have had several vivid dreams (that I can remember) of my grandmother, and recently, when I woke up from the dream, I felt someone caressing my head and back (my Grandma gave the BEST back massages :)). Deep in my heart, I know it was her, and I felt so much lighter and less afraid when i woke up that day. She and I were very close, and she died suddenly when I was 18, during my first year of college. She took her own life – in the same way that Erik did.

It was so horrific – I came home for the first time for the weekend from school – excited to see my parents and sister and tell them everything that had happened in my first semester. I knew something was off as soon as I got home, everyone was acting really strange, and so I finally asked what was going on – and they told me. Needless to say, I was devastated, angry, hurt…none of us could understand why she would have done something like this. She was 64 – beautiful, loving, charismatic, the life of the party, with 2 children and 4 grandchildren that loved her so very much. However, unbeknownst to us she was suffering from a deep depression that was well hidden by someone who must have been hurting very much. Now, 11 years later, I have forgiven her, and stopped being angry. I know now she was hurting so bad in a way we did not understand, now she is in a place of love hopefully released of the pain she felt here on Earth.

I always miss my grandmother – especially around the holidays, but have been especially missing her lately with all the chaos in my life at the moment. After my recent dreams, I started doing some research online about meditation, spirit guides, and the afterlife as I wanted to find a way to better understand what I was experiencing, connect more to the spirit world, as well as better understand life after death. That’s when I stumbled upon the channelingerik website. I have been absolutely engrossed in the archives, all the interviews that Erik and Elisa have done about things from incarnations to quantum physics and aliens. I’ve ordered Erik’s new book as well, and am sooo excited to read it, I am expecting it to be delivered this weekend! I guess i just want to say thank you to Elisa, Erik and Jamie for opening my eyes to what i thought might be out there, but now i know in my heart that my Grandma is around, watching over all of us — Love you Grandma, Love you Erik, Love you all!


Praise #3

Gratitude is the only term that tumbles out of my mouth. So many questions answered through the viewing of the uTube videos, the blogs, and the books. I’ve read many books discussing the same topics over the last 20 years but none seem as real to me as the information Erik has provided through you. After reading portions of the first book, I had a visit by Erik to receive some help with the personal issues. 🙂 I felt so much better, so relieved afterwards. Now I am 70% through his latest book. It is an amazing book that goes so much deeper into topics I am interested in now. I really wish and hope that Erik continues his work as guide, as I feel there is so much more to learn. Love ya’ll. (Yep, from the Deep South.)

Praise #4

I am a book reviewer and received your book. I couldn’t put it down. This was the best piece of honest work and true perspective of the afterlife. It’s so much more than anything I can find words for. Saying I loved it, is so mild. Answering that suicide doesn’t equal damnation and giving validity to some religious teaching also gave a sense of peace and hope. Thank you for your openness and for Erik, for everything he has shared. Reading My Life After Death brought me to your site, and will likely bring me back. Praise, deep appreciation and raving reviews.

Elisa here. Wow, that means a lot coming from a professional reviewer!!

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