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Enjoy these Erik Praises!

Praise #1

I left a message on here while my grandfather was dying in 2015. Erik was with me as I wrote you in extreme distress from a Chicago hotel room. He never left my side in my years’ long journey. I had to hide with my special needs uncle in a hotel room fearing for our lives under a pseudonym. Using my ex government experience, along with a guardian lawyer friend, his secretary, another lawyer(s), my mother, and myself-have straightened everything out. The day my grandpa passed finally after 5 weeks of struggle and hiding on our part. Gave him his best last moments we could. I held his head and asked Erik to fast track his death path-as he was being robbed(attempted) by my family in death. The moment after the funeral, the State of IL, took guardianship of my special needs uncle and locked him in a prison style home-took custody of his small fortune. Took us 5 months, and dodging the other side of the family(who wanted his $ and to put him in a home also) court battles-and we won guardianship of him. He is 64, but will always have the mentality of an 8 year old. As I was acting power of attorney for my grandpa-property and person-papers were pushed on my grandpa to switch beneficiaries for his stock portfolios. I knew the second it happened. I heard his screams-sounded like the movie Dune-bc he had a stomach ulcer surgery and was in ICU. Haunts me to this day. I recovered 90k recently that the “bad family” tried to take that day. It was my father’s money and they had planned to leave him to die also-like my grandma-and grandpa-neglected. The night my grandpa died I saw my grandpa in the mirror-the dapper version of him 1940s like just for a moment…tipped his hat. And poof was gone…I think he was preparing me for the hard days ahead. I achieved all the goals he left me with: all persons who attempted to rob him did not, my uncle is retired and happy living next door to us(mom and I), his house was sold well, his doctor, criminal dentist, and all guilty parties are being probed by the government. My uncle is a free man. I guess in this long, hefty story-I would like to thank Erik. I grew up in a very haunted Memphis, but that was the clearest apparition I ever saw. His approval was my mission in life. I wanted to be euthanized bc of my active PTSD, but now I realized I had a very, very long mission ahead of me. Protecting my uncle is paramount(and my 65 yr old mother) in this scary, every changing world. I do not think I am fully psychic by any means-just too sensitive. And emotional. Erik was everything. The ultimate guide. Could you guys do a thing about embezzling, POAs, and beneficiaries? The importance of binding wills? For this journey? So many do not know how horrible others can be in times of extreme loss even. Thank you. This site is a god send for me. I holler at Erik every now and then. 😉 Erik helped me deliver justice with my team.

Praise #2

I was watching NDEs on You Tube and this face kept coming up. I only watch vids that are 15 minutes or less due to my short attention span. Besides, Erik wasn’t an NDE story but I finally relented and then became totally addicted to Channeling Erik. I treat him as my buddy and although I cannot see him (I have no plans to see spirits) I know that he is always around when I call for his help even though I am halfway round the world . He keeps me sane in a world that drives me insane and I sure am glad to have him around. I want to thank him for getting to know me.

Praise #3

I took my 16 year old daughter to a psychic named Mary; whom my friend had referred me to. Mary is the real thing and a wonderful lady! My daughter was so curious about her social life and love life (present and future). As the session was about half over – Mary said she sees the name ‘Erik’ written all around me! She said it was like splattering of his name all around. I immediately asked if it was with a ‘c’ or a ‘k’! She said: “k’. Then Mary said she saw a young thin man with dark brown hair. He was just smiling and hanging out!! I never mentioned him to Mary or my daughter. Early in the day, in the morning, I spoke in my mind to Erik and told him about my appointment later in the day and if he wanted to join in he was totally welcome….and he did! After the session I asked Mary if she had ever heard of Channeling Erik and said she had not.

It was great to know Erik is listening and checking in! I greatly appreciate what you guys are doing and Elisa – Thank you so much for being brave and vulnerable and sharing! My friends and I get so much from your Youtube videos – very informative!

love to you all,



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