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I’m so excited! The winner of the orb contest will be announced tomorrow! I think the next contest will either be a random drawing or perhaps a remote viewing exercise. In the latter, I’d put an object in a desk drawer and contestants can use their remote viewing skills to identify what that object is. The one who comes the closest will win a prize. What do you guys think? This is fun! Okay. Enough excitement. Let’s learn more about dimensions.

Me: Why do you say, “up there”? It isn’t up, is it?

Erik: No. Up because I’m thinking of different dimensions. I’m not thinking of feet or miles.

Me: Well, where is it? Is it superimposed on our dimension? How does that work? Is it layered?

Erik: Yes, it is layered, and my world mixed and—


Jamie: The visual he’s showing me is like being swirled into our world.

Me: Hmm! Swirled. Can you be more descriptive? That’s interesting, but go on.

Erik: Dimensions don’t have to be layered like cakes, one stacked on top of the other. Or pancakes.

Me: With icing in between. Yum!

Erik: Yes. Especially chocolate!

Jamie and I chuckle, and I’m wondering how we embarked on this tangent.

Erik: But the dimensions, they don’t need that steady level boundary. It is—


Jamie (to Erik): How do I describe that then, Erik?


Jamie: You know those optical illusions where you’re looking at a series of circles, one large circle and then a smaller one inside of it and a smaller one inside of that, and that if you focus on it in just the right way, it looks like it makes a tunnel?

Me: Oh yeah.

Jamie: But you go to touch it and it’s just a flat piece of paper.

Erik: Dimensions are like that. You still have the flat piece of paper, but within that there are different perceptions, different dimensions, and they still all exist in the same space, but really it’s your level of awareness, of being able to be in it or not.

Me: Oh. So it’s all about perception. If you perceive a certain dimension or a part of a dimension, then it exists for you. Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: For a human, yes.

Me: Okay. I know, for you, it’s different.

Erik: For us, it’s different because we’re living in a more multi-dimensional plane that you are, right? And the—


Jamie: He’s trying to describe the travel in between them, but he says the best way he knows how to do that is to tell you is it’s like turning up the volume or turning down your volume. It’s like having low vibrational energy or very fine tuned vibrational energy. It’s like seeing the color red and seeing the color purple. (which is a mix of red and blue)

Me: You just perceive that dimension and then you’re there?

Erik: Well yes, because we do travel by thought so a lot of it is about being able to be extremely clear about what your outcome and your goal is and then being able to project that onto – you don’t really project that on yourself or anything else. It’s just you make it go. You project it. You send it.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: Like how you do a prayer. “Please dear God bless my baby dog. Thank you. ” You’re just sending it out.

Me: So you’re sending it out and there you are.

Erik: Yes. It’s so fucking cool!

Me: Ah, awesome! Anything else on that?

Erik: Nah.


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