Healing a Young Boy with Chronic Disease

A dear friend of mine, Tiffanie Williams, has a son, Daniel, who suffers from a chronic but rare disease known as Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva or FOP. It’s also known as Stone Man’s Disease because, particularly after an injury, even a minor one, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other types of connective tissue ossify. In other words, they turn to bone. 

Daniel is so brave to willing participate in this healing session so that others could become aware of the Life Centered Therapy approach to healing, founded by Dr. Andy Hahn

But first, let me share a bit about last night’s awesome radio show. The subject of time, the absence of linear time, the fact that there are an infinite number of dimensions and universes and how they differ is something I have found fascinating and mind-bending. Through medium, Denise Ramon, Erik clarified a lot of the ambiguity and mystery surround these topics during last night’s radio show. Be sure not to miss the next one!

Before watching the main event, please note that I have created two new buttons on the righthand sidebar of the blog. One is to access a list of trusted CE mediums and the other is an avenue where you can write up a review on any medium, whether positive or negative. Please be polite if you are offering criticism. I also have both of these pages under the Favorites tab on the top menu. If you are a medium or know of a medium not on that list, you can reach out of me. 

One last thing (Yeah, I promise): Someone brought it to my attention that there were no new posts on this blog for the past two weeks. I was puzzled because I see them on my end. So, I spoke with my hosting company (asmallorange.com) and they fixed it. It apparently was a cache problem. The support from this company is amazing. If you need a hosting company or want to change from your existing one, these are the peeps to have. 

Now, enjoy this young boy’s amazing journey. Soon, I will share a follow-up session where Dr. Hahn and I interview all three people who underwent Life Centered Therapy via Dr. Hahn. Each of those sessions are on the CE YouTube channel.

Sorry there is no transcript. The follow-up session will include a transcript.

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