More Praise for Erik

Enjoy these sweet stories of praise for Erik and his blog. 

Story #1

I have started reading My Son and the Afterlife…. I cannot put it down. Erik’s conversations with his mom are so special. As Erik describes his experiences I am reminded of how we are reminded to love God and live in peace and basically live the “Good” life because that is what we will have in the afterlife. The more we live in peace and harmony and in love and light here on Earth that will make it easier for us in the afterlife. That is what the Bible teaches and to believe in Heaven and when we die we WILL be with God/Jesus. I was raised in a conservative church that believes in the Judgement day. and to hear Erik talk about the life review is less scary then Judgement. Erik has eased my mind in a lot of ways no judgement just Love and help to help us understand what is happening to us. Nothing to be afraid of. God is Love.

Love, Light
Maryann Potter

Well said, Maryann!

Story #2

Hi! I just want to say thank you so much for your great work, Elisa and Erik. I love watching your videos and reading your blogs. It gives us hope and inspiration every single day. I love Erik’s sense of humour.

I was also wondering if you could perhaps do a video where you channel Nelson Mandela? That will be great! Here is South Africa, we need to hear a positive message from someone that inspired freedom, he was such a loving and beautiful soul. Thank You Erik, for always making me laugh and giving us such a wonderful sense of peace and guidance from the other side.

Lots of Love C x

Nelson is on the list!

Story #3


I just wanted to say how addicted I am to the blog, YouTube videos, etc. I have read books, been to metaphysical fairs, etc. & nothing has been so enlightening & resonated so much with me as Channeling Erik.

I know nothing is a coincidence, but it is so ironic that every time a video or post is uploaded it has always been perfect timing as far as subject matter, what I am feeling or needing to know at the time, etc. I am excited to say I am having regression therapy this weekend! I can’t wait to learn from my higher self & I also want you to know that I helped form the questions I have for myself with help from you & Erik through your posts & videos. 🙂

Blessings to all of you working so hard to bring this information to the world.

Thank you is simply not enough 🙂

I hope the regression therapy went well!

Story #4

Hi Elisa, Erik and all of the CE family. I came across the blog when I was searching for answers about death, the afterlife, souls etc., I was reading something by a guy called Michael Beloved, which was interesting. Then I came across a link for your site, and I’ve never looked back! I love it. I was absolutely terrified of death to the point where I felt completely paralyzed by it. I had always believed that maybe there was more but was torn between thinking yes there is and no there’s nothing at all. Now though I completely trust and accept 100% that death isn’t the end and that in fact it doesn’t exist at all. I especially love your transcripts and all the links about quantum physics and the afterlife, and the celebrity interviews and videos are great. Thank you Elisa and Erik. I so appreciate the time and effort you both put in and how much you’re helping everyone. The blog members are great and there for each other and also help, especially Ashley Riley and Indigo Blood who will always answer any queries on Facebook. I am so sorry you had to go through everything you had to go through. As a mother myself, I can only imagine the pain and sadness you felt, but it’s great that you and Erik are still so close. Love and light to you both and the rest of the CE family. I love you all dearly. Also a shout out to blog member, Michael Johnson, who cheers me up with his smiley pics. Thank you again I can’t wait to get the book. Kim from the UK xxx

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