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This post came up in queue right after Mother’s Day. (Almost) perfect timing!

Me: Here’s a question from a blog member. Why do we choose to be mothers?


Me: I’m here to tell you that it ain’t easy!

Robert: Erik looked over at Jillian.

Erik: Do you mind if Jillian answers this question?

Me: Go for it, Jillian! Hi, by the way!

Jillian: Hello. How are you doing?

Me: Fine. I can’t wait to meet you. Not right away, but…

Jillian: I can’t wait until you remember that we’ve already met.

Me: Cool thought!

Robert laughs.

Robert: She speaks so differently from Erik. Her energy is calmer compared to Erik. I get dizzy sometimes when I talk to him.

Both of us laugh.

Robert: But I still love him.

Me: What’s not to love?

Erik: I love me, too.

Me: Of course you do.

Robert: Jillian, by the way, always comes in when it’s about how to raise kids, help marriages, and all that stuff. She’s really good at that. Now I know why Erik brought her in. “Jilly.”

Jillian: Well, in the simplest way I can put this, from a spiritual perspective, it’s to—

Robert: She gives me everything at once, so I have to parse it out.

Me: Help him out, Jillian!

Robert: She is. She’s got such a pretty face, pretty smile. She’s very sweet looking.

Me: Aw.

Robert: Very elegant. She reminds me of Meghan Fox.

Me: You struck pay dirt, Erik.

Erik: She’s hot.

Robert and I laugh.

Jillian: The simplest answer is to create this connection on a spiritual level and to develop a deeper understanding of what it is to be connected. From the human perspective, there is no greater type of connection than between mother and child.

Me: Yeah. Yeah.

Jillian: You share the same blood; you even share the same cells.

Funny she should say that because I just read about the scientific discovery of the presence of a child’s cells existing in its mother.

Jillian: And this creates this bond, this connection, this awareness. It’s enhanced compared to external connections that have never existed within the mother. You know.

Me: Yes I do.

Jillian: And the pain of their loss can almost mean the demise of a mother.

Me: Trust me, I know.

Jillian: In many cases, it does mean their demise. With any kind of loss, a piece of our heart goes with them. The heart has to grieve over that loss and the big hole that’s there. When that happens to a mother, it’s like their entire heart has been taken.

Me (tearing up): I know. I know.

Jillian: There’s nothing but an empty spot in their chest.

(Long solemn pause)

Jillian: From a spiritual perspective, we understand through the contrast of that incredible pain what that connection is, how important that bond is.

Me: Isn’t there another way that we can figure that out instead of going through all of that pain?

Jillian: Right now humans are a very young species, and so they’re having to learn how to accept things. Physical and emotional pain are two of those things. They’re learning to accept that and the fact that it has the right to be. It’s only there to teach us. It’s not a punishment.

Me: It feels like it sometimes.

Jillian: I know it does, but it only feels that way because it’s so unbearably uncomfortable.

I’d call it more than discomfort.

Jillian: And that’s what I spend a lot of my time doing. I help mothers who have lost a child to get through that process. I’ve been helping you. Many times, I will come to a mother who has lost a child—and sometimes fathers, too because even though they haven’t carried a child, there’s still a bond there. Some men can develop a bond similar to the mother/child one. You’ve heard about how some men go through morning sickness when their wives are pregnant?

Me: Oh, yeah.

Jillian: That’s unique. What I will do with mothers or fathers is visit them. It’s easiest to do it while they’re asleep. Then I talk them through the pain.

Robert: She’s showing me an image of a person lying down, sleeping, and she’s sitting at their bedside, and as they breathe in, she funnels this pure, white energy into them. Then when they breathe out, it comes out black. It’s the pain. That’s the way she helps heal the wound that’s there.

That reminds me of that movie, The Green Mile, where the inmate sucks in someone’s bad energy and spews out a big, black cloud.

Me: Right. Mine must be totally blocked. It must be hard for her to breathe that white energy into me.

Jillian: No.

I start to cry. Long pause as I gather myself.

Robert: She’s so gentle.

Me: What a great balance between you and Erik!

Robert: For sure!

I couldn’t resist adding a few quotes.

This one makes me choke up.

This one makes me choke up.


I know that pain and that love so well.

Ready for a little comic relief?

Ready for a little comic relief?

And exposed to the elements

And exposed to the elements





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