Much needed visit

Elisa, thank you so much for all that you and everyone involved provide! Such a gift!
Erik sighting: I returned from a trip to California last Thursday seeing ocean and, because I’m a gardener, the vineyards. The weather here in Colorado is into Fall now and that means cold and all things green and colorful dying off, which for me is depressing. So while I was outside Friday working my gardening business and having tears come up missing summer weather and my son (who took his life Nov 1, 2016 and now hangs out with Erik, so I’ve been told!) I asked for help from Erik all day long. Sure enough toward the end of my day I was reaching up to prune a tall flower when a dragonfly landed on my left forearm! It had lavender eyes and body with a hint of that color laced thru the wings. I stood still staring at it, thanking so much for the visit and then it flew away. Wow, so cool! Thank you! Sincerely, Sarah J Salsich

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