The Afterlife Interview with Laci Peterson, Part One

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Now, enjoy this first part in our three-part series channeling Laci Peterson. Thanks to Debra Rapisardi for transcribing this even though she was sick! Also, thanks to Emma for giving Laci her much needed voice and to Erik for bringing her to us. As always, I’ve included the YouTube version at the end.

Emma: Hello

Me: Hi Emma, Hi Erik.

Erik: Hey mama.

Me: We had some great sessions here already, but we are going to hopefully ask Erik to bring in Laci Peterson. Can you do that for us Erik?

Emma: he says she’s already here.

Me: Hi Laci how are you doing?

Laci: Hey! I’m ok.

Me: Are you with the child you were pregnant with, Connor?

Laci: I am.

Me: That’s so good. Well would you mind answering some questions? I mean get the truth out there. I mean maybe that would be good for you.

Laci: I’m good, but it would be good for my Mom and Dad.

Me: Ok.

Laci: And my brother.

Me: Ok. I have a lot of questions mostly from blog members. Here’s one, Who truly killed you? She goes on, maybe he, there was no real incriminating evidence to truly prove that Scott did this to her.

Laci: No, Scott did it.

Me: Hmm, Ok. I’m just going to go one by one. That may mean that this jumps all over the place, but sorry people. In addition to how and why her husband murdered her, I’d be interested to know whether she knew about, did you know about his affair with Amber Frey?

Laci: No, but I knew about another affair he had previous.

Me: Ok. Was it a soul contract this whole thing?

Laci: Yes.

Me. Tell me about that, why?

Laci: When it comes to this life as Laci, I needed to experience what it would be like to be a victim. And to learn how trying to control a situation, trying to manipulate your life into being something that it would never be, that only leads to negative energy. That only leads to the illusion of following your own path. I think what I need to explain is that I was kind of a control freak. I came from a family who was, who got divorced when I was really little. And so I kind of had two families that I grew up in. And I really wanted to have that perfect family, with the perfect home and the perfect husband and everything needed to be perfect. I really liked to put the dots on the I’s. Everything needed to be a certain way. I had this illusion in my mind of how everything was supposed to look, like how it was supposed to go. So I was always trying to control every situation that I encountered. Now, when it came to Scott, I was madly in love with him, because he was so attractive and he was so charming and he had all of the qualities that I was looking for in a man, but during our marriage I did notice that he was also very controlling. And he wanted to, you know, what he thought was important was important, what I thought was not so important, he would just blow it off or just ignore me.

Me: Hmm, yeah

Laci: So what happened was, I really wanted to have a child. I wanted to have that perfect picket fence life. And I was going to be a good mother, there wasn’t going to be a divorce and all of that. And in some way or form I had to convince him to have a child, he wasn’t too fond of it. Once I got pregnant, it did take me a while to get pregnant, but once I did get pregnant, he did seem excited about it. He did seem happy about it. However, I think he was trying to please me or he was just trying to soothe me and going along with it. And, he fell in love with somebody else.

Me: Hmm.

Emma: I think she’s kind of sad about that, her energies dropping.

Me: yeah.

Emma: Really dropping.

Laci: He fell in love with somebody else not because he fell out of love with me, because I don’t think that Scott really knows the true meaning of love. He doesn’t experience emotions like other people do. For him life is more of a power play. It’s all about keeping himself happy. It’s all about what matters to him. When he found, in order for him to kind of find a way to get away from me and the baby, he would start a different relationship, to kind of have a different angle to go to.

Me: Ok.

Laci: You know to have a reason to leave, or a reason to start over in some way or form. He didn’t want to change, he just wanted to,

Me: Babies bring change and chaos and for somebody who’s a control freak, babies are difficult, they really are

Laci: yes and Connor was going to completely change our lives and he knew that. And he didn’t want change. He wanted to keep having fun and keep being individual and you know being in some way or form the kid that he’s always been. You know he didn’t want responsibilities, he didn’t want change, and that frightened him. Umm, did he plan this? Yes he did.

Me: Yeah tell me everything that led up to and including the murder. Tell us the whole story.

Laci: I was getting really excited about the birth, we were getting closer, and the more I talked about the baby and how, you know I was becoming very demanding on him. I wanted him to do this, I wanted him to do that, I wanted him to read.

Me: Like what?

Laci: Read books.

Me: Yeah books.

Laci: Reading books about babies, getting the room ready, getting this done, getting that done, you know.

Me: Sure.

Laci: Take some responsibility. In some way or form you know I was, I would boss him around a little bit I guess. He didn’t like that. He didn’t like that I was trying to control him and turn him into somebody that he was not. So, um, after he met his new girl, you know he started seeing him with her.

Me: Are you talking about Amber or another one?

Emma: Somebody called Frey.

Me: Yeah that’s it, Amber Frey, ok.

Laci: And the thing is you know, looking back at it now, at the time I didn’t know that he was seeing somebody else, but looking back at it now, she also had a child. So,that’s the thing that I don’t quite understand now even after my passing, I’m still having a hard time getting into his mind. His mind is so confusing, but it was just the idea of getting away from the marriage, getting away from the baby, that led him to come up with this idea of how can I get rid of her.

Emma: She’s going you know, it’s so weird to talk about that when it’s about me, but.

Me: But why didn’t he just divorce you, I just don’t understand, Jesus.

Laci: He didn’t want to, it had to do with money.

Me: Oh!

Laci: He didn’t want to lose money, he didn’t want to lose his lifestyle. He didn’t want to you know, when you get divorced you have to split everything. Everything has to go 50/50. And the fact that he had an affair would really damage him in a divorce. So he was just thinking of his own, a you know keeping his statue up and keeping his financial stability up, and things like that. And you know it was just easier for him if I just disappeared, because than the baby would be gone as well. And he wouldn’t have to pay child support money and so on and so on, it was easier for me to disappear.

Me: So tell me about his plans, all the way up to your murder.

Laci: Well he had already thought about it for a couple of months. I never, I have to say, I didn’t, I knew there were issues and I knew that he was acting different than he normally did a, but I didn’t think that he’d go there, I didn’t see it coming, not at all. What happened was,

Emma: She’s saying that she talked to her Mom that evening and it looks like its getting dark outside so it’s pretty late, it looks as though it’s in the middle of the night. She’s showing me how he kind of um, she was already in bed sleeping and he went up to her with a pillow.

Me: A hm.

Emma: Um and he um basically sat on top of her with his knees on the bed on top of her belly kind of half her belly and half her chest is what she’s showing me. His knees are like right next to her ribs.

Me: A hm.

Emma: Um and he’s placing the pillow on her face and she’s, it looks like she’s trying to struggle, she’s fighting. Looks like her legs, trying to kick.

Me: Oh!

Emma: And she’s trying to fight him and um, it’s like he’s trying to kick her in the side to make her stop from moving.

Me: A hm.

Emma: And kicking with his knees in her ribs, yeah until she stopped.

Me: And that was the night of the 22nd or 23rd right? It wasn’t the morning of the 24th? I don’t know why somebody wants to know that but.

Emma: She’s showing me the 23rd

Me: Ok. Uh, does anybody else know what truly happened, like Scotts family, the lawyer, anybody?

Laci: Um no, nobody really knows that he had these plans or that he really did it. However, his Mom and Dad, they know, kind of in their hearts that he did, but they don’t want to see it. They don’t want to see their son as being a murderer, so they’re really completely in denial of this.

Me: Yeah of course. So then what happened, she died, what happened after that?

Emma: So he just got off the bed is what she’s showing me and went down and he had something to drink. She’s showing me how he’s just very cold about it, he just leaves her there for a bit. She says, I didn’t go to the light right away, I didn’t go home right away, because I was standing right next to my body as he’s crawling off of it. And I have my baby in my arms already, because he was pushing on the belly, he was sitting on it.

Me: Um yeah.

Emma: So she’s making me feel like Connor died pretty instantly as well. And so she just kind of followed him around. She was , she’s saying I wasn’t , it was really weird, because you think that you would be upset, that you would be mad, that all of these negative emotions would pop up, but really what I felt was disbelief that this really happened. I was kind of curious about what he going to do next? I really just kind of stuck around to see what he would be doing. So she says that for a couple of hours he really just sat there in the kitchen and just kind of drinking, eating something. Eventually he came back up and wrapped me into something.

Me: Like a sheet or something?

Emma: Yeah it kind of looks like a, you know how you have fabric? Here it’s kind of like sailing fabric, it’s kind of like water proof.

Me: You mean like a canvas. Ok, like a canvas tarp.

Emma: Yeah. And he’s trying to get her in there, it wasn’t easy. She says I was pretty heavy.

Me: Well being pregnant of course.

Emma: Yeah. She’s laughing, she says you know I’m dead now and I’m still thinking about my weight

Me: Ugh.

Emma: (laughing) That’s why she’s laughing. She’s like I still get that feeling of I was too fat.

Me: So what does Scott do with your body?

Emma: It looks like he transported to in a car, he’s transporting it to., a harbor kind of thing

Me: Ok.

Emma: Um, he went really early in the morning, she said he went really early in the morning.

Me: Merry Freaking Christmas!

Emma: Yeah, he went really early in the morning because he didn’t want people to be there, or see him. He had a hard time she says, because ok, he had a boat that he had just bought. And he had made these before he killed me, he made these anchors is what she’s showing me, kind of like cement blocks. And so he had to pick all of that up first. Yeah he just wasn’t really good at the boat thing yet, she’s making me feel like he’s having problems trying to get to where he wanted to get. Um, but um he basically just stopped somewhere in the middle of water is what she’s showing me. He was basically just looking around making sure that there was nobody there. And he had tied these cement block things, what looks like her arms and her legs.

Laci: And he just knocked me over, he just put me in the water is what he did.

Me: And you sank to the bottom obviously.

Laci: Yeah.

Me: Will he ever be executed for the crime or will he win his appeal?

Emma: She says it’s really unclear right now, because he’s having, he’s having so much support from people who believe in his innocence.

Me: Umm.

Emma: That’s what they’re doing.

Me: Suckers!

Emma: Yeah they’re feeding that reality so um, so right now it’s still very uncertain. Is he supposed to die that way? Yes, it’s supposed to happen that way according to his contract. However, those contracts can always be changed.

Me: Yeah, yeah.

Emma: If he really believes that he will be free than he will be so. If it gets fed with that kind of energy than you know the likelihood of that happening is very very large.

Me: Alright, so what happened when you crossed over?

Laci: Well I didn’t really cross over until after the trial.

Me: Okay

Laci: I stayed around with my family. My Mom and my Dad and my brother had a really really hard time. They were crushed and they still are so I still have contact with them on a daily basis. I just love my parents, I just love my family, I love my family very much. So I stayed with them, they needed the support. I wasn’t alone I got help from one of my guides who came down and assisted me. He was actually going to escort me home, and I said no, my family needs me at this moment. So he said that he would stay and help me to help them feel supported and feel loved from this side.

Me: Ok.

Laci: I did stick around until after the trial. Then we, it was really pretty for me and Connor, because um my guide said, time to go home. And basically we started walking and the weird thing is that a lot of people talk about death, they go thru a tunnel, they go thru this or that, they go towards the light. It didn’t really happen that way. It was almost like instantly. As soon as I made that choice, Ok now it’s time to go home and make peace with this, to get to healing myself, I had now tried to heal my family and I needed healing myself as well. Um, it’s like the surroundings around me just changed.

Me: Hmm

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