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Another great post from our resident spirit translator and Erik bud, Kate Sitka.

(An Erik & Kate conversation.)

This morning, I’d been thinking about a reading with a friend / client last week, where she’d asked, “What is with all this WATER?  I’m drinking so much water lately.”

She is healthy (not diabetic) just intuitively directed to drink a lot more water than she’d been used to doing – around 2 liters a day.  The answer for her was the water was part of not just a cleaning/flushing process resulting from dietary changes she’d recently made, but also had to do with how her body sensed energy in her environment.

The image I was given was cells that were well hydrated allowed her to sense the subtleties of the energies she’s learning to work with (reiki and psychically.)  It’s like water through a pond – if there’s enough water, the ripple will transmit through the pond.  If there isn’t enough water, the ripple will get bogged down by everything else in the pond.

I hope this analogy makes sense to you CE readers; it made sense to her.

Erik showed up wearing a lavender one-piece leotard (a la 80s fitness) wanting to discuss health and diet.  His costume included a white sweatband holding his blond curly hair straight up in a crown and terri cloth sweat bands on his wrists.  His body was ridiculously ripped, like, comic book ripped.  Without further elaboration, I will say that his shorts were *tight*.

The first idea Erik shared was this concept of different foods having an effect of “heating or cooling”.  This was a way of describing the energetic effect on your body – did it warm it up, or cool it down?  This is different from affecting frequency of vibration.  Some raw leafy green veggies ramp up vibration (increasing your sensitivity to higher vibrations around you like radio signals, electrical charges and spirits like Erik) while many cooked starchy veggies have a grounding, calming, soothing or harmonizing effect.

Erik, I’m doing this from memory, do you want to chime in here to elaborate?

(Clears his throat, appears in front of a blackboard, pulls down a chart.  The chart looks like a dial from the dash of a car, indicating MHz (frequency). 

Erik says, Well, I can blow out Kate’s brain here and try and list every food, but the main idea here is to understand that some foods make ya hot, some make ya cold.  Whether you want to collect more heating or cooling foods depends on the individual, because some folks run hot, and some run cool.  The hot one is always throwing off the covers at night, the cool one wears socks to bed.  Ya get me?

Now, if you’re a cool-runner like Kate here (bonks my head) if you lean on the foods that are “cooling” (indicates a slowdown in digestion even though the food is healthy.)  The Ayurvedic food system has a great way of explaining this, so look it up if you’re interested.  What they do is use spices to compensate for foods that would be too “cooling” for someone in a certain energy category.  It’s all very cool.  The thing to be aware of is that (ayurveda) is just one way of looking at food energetically, the energy of food and the WAY that energy affects your unique snowflake body composition is…. Uh, unique.  Three people can eat a carrot and their body will digest it similarly, but they could react to it energetically completely differently.  That carrot could make them *feel* different.

I’m sayin, it’s time to be aware of the ENERGY of the food you eat, as well as the nutritional content.  Nutrition is fuckin’ important, and if that’s not time consuming and complicated enough for ya, the ENERGY of the food you put into your body counts too.

Thing is, for MY CREW, so many of y’all are takin’ Jamie’s classes and workin’ with your pendulums and tarot cards and angels and sayin’ HI to me – and I love you all for it – but you’ve got to know that putting your attention on all of this spirit stuff is going to affect you physically.

Okay.  Get ready, I’m gonna bust some brain cells, y’all!  You ready???

Okay.  So, your body is made up of (shows me little bits.  Cells.)  Those cells know what to be because of (inside the cell – nucleus, the little strings – including but not limited to DNA, RNA etc.)  Those little strings are like the blueprint.  Right?  Basic biology.  THAT SHIT is where medicine begins.  All of our (western) knowledge of physical existence (incarnation) begins at this level.  Medications all act on a physical cellular level.  Operations are all about physically moving shit around in your body.  It’s all mechanics.

But that’s not where life begins.  Life begins in the THOUGHT that is manifest in the blueprint.  Life is where science meets intelligent design.  And THAT’S the coolest shit that humans are learning about RIGHT FUCKING NOW!  (Ack, he’s yelling he’s so excited!)

You know who’s the next millionaire?  The person who successfully markets the “happy energy diet”.  You know they’re working on (thought energy) in (Stanford / Harvard – I can’t tell which University it is.  Erik is reminding me of the study that John Edward participated in with other credible psychics that documented the accuracy of their readings.)  AND that thing where people’s thoughts have a (measurable?) affect on those random number generators.  Humanity is just starting to make a scientific method connection between physical energy that is (pulsed outwards) and thoughts.  They’ve been trying and trying, and it’s starting to happen.

So back to food – and trust me science will catch up with this.  The thing I’m trying to tell ya is that as you’re more interested in the subtext of the physical reality you’re living in, you begin to zero in on it energetically.  It’s like being immersed in a different culture and gradually learning the language though association.  You’re gonna pick it up.  So as you become more sensitive to the things you’re TRYING to tune into to, the side effect is that the volume is getting turned up on EVERYTHING all around you, and the best way you can control that volume is through your food.

Here’s an experiment.  Buy an apple.  Put it in the fridge for two weeks.  Then buy another apple and take it home.  Hold one apple, then the other.  Then try and tell me or anyone else that food don’t have energy!  Which one do you want to eat, the fresh one or the half-dead one?

Next, buy an apple and an orange – nice fresh ones.  Go home and take a bath and unwind and shit.  You don’t want that grocery store crazy affecting your senses with this experiment.  Once you’re all relaxed and your spouse is watchin’ TV and the kids are in bed, you pick up that apple and feel how it is, how it exists.   You can try and think of a music note or a song to represent that vibe, you can ask yourself how it’d make your body feel if you ate it.  Just really notice that apple, physically.  Then put it down and do the same thing with the orange.  You will notice the difference, just pay attention and realize there IS a difference beyond flavor, nutrition, acidity. 

Now, here’s one for you Flower Children – you get an apple from the regular grocery store and then you get one that’s organic.  Actually screw that, use Bananas – it’s more noticeable in bananas, and you’ll think of me.  (I don’t want to know what he means by that!)

Okay.  So don’t be all “Oh, no, Erik says I can’t eat chocolate or smoke or have coffee anymore!”  You can do whatcha want.  You can take this or leave it, that’s fine.  But I’ve got a challenge for my CE Peeps who are up for it!

(He pulls the spandex on his outfit) You know why I’m wearing this?  I’m RICHARD FUCKIN’ SIMMONS!!!  I LOVE that guy, you know why?  Because no matter who you are or where you’re starting from, fitness wise, Rickie had a spot for ya on his stage and you were all Sweatin’ to the Oldies!  I don’t care if you weigh 600 lbs, you can start with us all right here, and I am sayin’ to anyone else who joins – don’t be getting’ your ego involved in how well you’re eating in comparison to anyone else.  Everyone’s got their own unique chemistry here, and everyone’s body is a reflection of their energetic story.  It can take a while to get overweight, and it will be a while to change it, even to start thinking you might WANT to change it.  I’m callin’ for an organization – (suggested name, Munchin’ On Love!) 

Now he’s showing me in the grocery store holding Cheetos, thinking about how it’ll make my body feel if I eat it.

This is a GREAT place to start practicing your mad psychic skills, to start sensing the energy of the shit you put into your body, that BECOMES your body but first of all affects (shows me the cells shivering – a food knocking them out of whack so they are stressed, or a food synchronizing and strengthening their motion.)

Food isn’t going to talk back to you or feel rejection.  See that bag of chips you left in the store?  It ain’t sad!  It doesn’t miss you.  It’s not gonna call you on your birthday! 

From food, the next thing you can start practicing being aware of is people.  People up in your space, and how it affects your energy.  I’m not even talking about putting energy into deflecting it or anything, there are a lot of different ways to do that and that’s another discussion… I’m just talking about you noticing when someone else’s’ cheetos are fuckin’ up your day. 

Someone else’s cheetos fucking up your day.  Now that’s a classic Erik sound bite.

I’m just saying that when you become aware of someone else’s energy affecting you, you can recognize that it might not even be that person’s fault – could be they had frosted flakes for breakfast and they’re blood sugar is all out of whack to begin with, but on top of it they’re still HUNGRY for real fucking food!

I notice that all the brands he’s raggin’ on so far have cats as mascots.

There’s a million ways you can talk about why people feed themselves the way they do – but a lot of it is based on matching the food’s energy with the way they feel.  If they feel like shit, they’re going to reach for shit food.  If they’re all out of whack, they’re going to crave an out-of-whack food.  When you get to the point where you really NEED to eat an apple, 999999999 times out of (that many zeros with a 1 in front) you’re going to go for a sugary muffin or a donut or coffee with cream and sugar before you’ll ever pick up that fucking apple!  (Shows me a bunch of surrounding spirit guides with signs in front of their person’s face saying APPLE!  APPLE!  And they all yell “AWWWW!” an throw their hands up when the person reaches for the donut.)

The SUPER fucked up thing is that most times the person’s gonna feel bad for picking the shit food, not realizing WHY it’s so damn hard to pick the apple.

Well a lot of it is the energy of the shit food matching the energy of how you feel.  Pile on to that the (opiate?  Drug?  Get-high) affect of sugar on the brain, and it is really fucking hard to quit that shit.

Seriously, it’s like trying to get off alcohol if you’re an alcoholic, except our culture is so fucked up it doesn’t recognize sugar / junk food addiction as an actual problem.  (The vast majority) of the adults can be 20lbs overweight which causes all sorts of health problems and instead of being seen as a problem, it’s just the new normal.  It’s so messed up because it’s fat people who are actually STARVING for real nutrition.  (Shows me the reality which is a country of waif-thin, weak, unhealthy people.)

So start a fucking support group if you need to.  Sugar is a damn-hard thing to quit because everyone everywhere it seems is a sugar-addict.  It’s the cultural norm, and it’s tough to go against that.

Okay guy, let’s wrap it up.

Okay!  So the moral of the story is:  As you get psychically smarter, you’re going to notice ALL of the energetic subtleties that you’re attuning to / noticing.  This means that the vibration of everything everywhere is going to affect you more than ever before.

So use it to your advantage!  Be proactive and sense what’s going on in your food before you eat it.  Choose wisely, my son.  (Darth Vader outfit.) 

Awesome.  Thank you Erik.


Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please visit her professional website and her personal blog

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