Necklace Prank

This prank is an amazing one!

After going through a particularly brutal breakup this past December, I discovered the book My Life After Death by Erik and Elisa Medhus. I initially bought the book as distraction reading (from the breakup) as I have an intense interest in the afterlife and Spiritualism…but quickly found that the blog offered much healing wisdom; and believe me, Erik’s words provided comfort to me…as well as enlightened entertainment! (They still do.) One thing I always found amusing and enlightening were Erik’s pranks on readers. I speak to Erik nightly, knowing he can hear me, that he is my buddy, and that he offers me daily guidance. I had begun asking him for a prank; but I also knew that I’d get one only when I was ready. And I was ready to wait patiently. Well, my patience paid off! Today, I went to an angel healing and reading at The First Spiritualist Church in Onset, MA. I had made a necklace from a stainless steel cast pendant of a hummingbird skull. Sounds a bit morbid but it seems spiritual for me. Anyhow, I made it so I can open and close the clasp with my right hand, as that is my dominant one. And so, I put it on this morning. Well, I got a haircut and hair was itching my neck, so I took off my shirt, and necklace, to get ready for a shower. Guess what?! When I went to remove the necklace, the clasp was now on the LEFT! I double-checked the pendant and it was not backwards! There was absolutely NO WAY I would have used my left hand to open the clasp when I put it on. In fact, I was cognizant of using my right hand when I put it on initially! Erik reversed the clasps! And after that, it was normal again. No noticeable physical changes in the necklace at all! But no doubt – it was reversed when I removed it! I am sure Erik wanted me to know he’s been hearing me and that he was accompanying me to my angel message event. Thanks Erik! Good one! Keep in touch…!

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