Sorry, I’m not posting our usual session YouTubes, although there are several in queue. I actually felt under the weather, yesterday, so I’m posting a YouTube I already made for my other channel. 

We have three dogs in our household: Bella, my little Yorkie, Sailor, Lukas’s Aussie, and Scout, Lukas’s Mini-Aussie. They drive me crazy because whenever the doorbell rings or when there’s a knock, even if it’s on the TV, they go crazy with their yapping (Bella) and barking (Scout and Sailor.) And Sailor’s bark is so abrupt and loud that it startles me into a scream. Sometimes, they start barking for no reason. It just takes one of them to set the others off. And Scout loves to herd Bella as though she was a sheep, so that involves a lot of barking and twirling around like a Whirling Dervish. 

I’ve tried automatic anti-bark collars that use sound or vibration, but they really don’t work well. I stumbled upon a collar that, when the dog barks, emits a tiny spray of citronella. I ordered them and within just an hour or two of training, there’s NO MORE barking! I let my daughter try it on her two little yappers and she was astounded by how well they work. Now, I just have to say, “Collar” when I know the bell is going to ring or whenever there’s an impending bark, and they all obey. It’s so humane, too. And citronella is nontoxic. I never even see it spray when it’s activated, so it must be a very tiny amount. You can set the sensitivity to low or high and the spray amount to low or high. 

Overall, I think all my dogs are calmer now. So maybe the barking and yapping is a stressor for them. 

By the way, I’m not compensated in any way by the collar’s manufacturer. I just want you guys who are the proud owners of yappers to experience the same level of peace in your home. 

But first, before watching the video, check out last night’s show about how to surrender to a Higher Power. I got a little emotional at one point, but, I guess it’s part of being human. Kim Voigt did such a great job, as always. Check her out at

Now, prepare to be amazed. The Amazon link to the collar is in the description box. 

BY THE WAY, we had a winner for the Get to Know the Mediums contest within a couple of hours after I announced it. I posted that, but I still get people emailing me guesses, LOL. The answer: seven. The winner: Deborah S. Congrats again to her!

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