Erik Reveals the Mysteries Behind Missing Adults, Part Two

You thought Part One of our unsolved missing adults was a jaw-dropper? Just wait to you finish this one. WOW! Maybe I should start helping the FBI resolve these cases and bring closure to friends and family! Jennifer Doran did just as fantastic a job channeling my boy as she did in Part One! Find out more about her at PLEASE help me keep CE going. The overhead is pretty high and the work it takes is immense for creating YouTubes, hosting the Tuesday night radio show, and keeping up with the blog, especially since I no longer have a source of income as a physician. If you want to keep all things Channeling Erik alive, DONATE what you can by clicking HERE:

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Let’s Save the World Together

I love my new Scalar energy generator and think it would be a great idea (confirmed by Erik) if one day we form a large group, each with one of these machines (which consists of a transmitter and receiver), and Erik would help us select an image that would best represent that part of the collective that is fear-based. This includes the homeless, the mentally ill, the drug lords, the gang members, the jihadis, pedophiles, serial killers, sex traffickers, Deep State, the greedy, the corrupt, the drug addicted, etc. I could make a list of thousands of perpetrators and victims. Then he would select a frequency to apply to that image and we would all blast that image with our machines for months. I would precede this with hours and hours with portal work, of course. Now, the preparation is complicated. You have to place the image and the intent card (and Erik would compose the intent which must be written in pencil, not pen) in Himalayan salt for a certain amount of time. The same with the acrylic holder for the photo and intent card. And the placement of both of those must be VERY exact. Then there are the Herkimer bracelets and necklaces, which also must be prepared in a certain way and activated at a certain frequency on the scalar machine’s receiver. Oh and there’s so much more. But when you’re set, you let it loop 24/7 and watch the world heal. Maybe we can get funding for this?

Also, I’ve been meaning to share my favorite discipline method (in my opinion) for young kids, inspired by Supernanny. It also teaches children to let go of pride and embrace vulnerability.

The Naughty Spot Technique

(Remember to use firm but loving tones.)

1) Pick out a chair, step, or whatever depending on where you are as long as it’s not something the child enjoys like a cozy bed or lying in front of the TV (dur).

2) Place them on that spot (but not in anger) and kneel down so that you are at their eye level and explain in firm (but not harsh) tones why they have been put on the naughty spot.

3) Set the timer and announcer that they are going to stay for X minutes according to their age and that if they leave the naughty spot, the rules are that the timer has to be restarted every time. (Amazingly, we never had a problem with Easton getting up once! He whimpered, but stayed put!)

4) As promised, if the child gets up from the naughty spot, they must be returned immediately to the spot without saying a word even though they may scream, whine, hit, or thrash about. Simply reset the timer to whatever number of minutes that corresponds to their age. CALMLY (Even if you have to fake it) let the child know that since they left the naughty spot, you had to restart the time. Then go about your business like you couldn’t give a rat’s ass. This is the most important element. NEVER ENGAGE!

5) When the child successfully completes their time in the naughty spot, go back, stoop to eye level and gently grasp their shoulders. As you look make eye contact, ask them why they think they were put into the naughty spot. If they do not answer, then tell the child they will have to go back into the naughty spot until they are able to verbalize why. If the point of contention involved another sibling or another person, be sure to take the child into another room so that it’s a bit easier to communicate without feeling judged by that other person.

6) If the child struggles to communicate that reason, sometimes it might be age-related. They might be too young to remember, so you might just have to tell them the reason. But for the older child, more often than not, it’s a matter of pride. If so, softly give the child the count of 10 until they can verbalize it. Sometimes, I turn it into a fun contest full of smiles instead of a “You better tell me or else you have to go back into the naughty spot.” It is okay to let them whisper into your ear to avoid the whole pride/ego thing and be gentle and loving with your words. Let him know that you understand how difficult it can be to admit mistakes, even for adults.

*This is a valuable lesson for the child to be okay with vulnerability, knowing that they will still be loved and that their world will not fall apart if they open their heart. In fact, they will be met with hugs and praise for their honesty and bravery. This is also a valuable lesson for both parents and children to live life in LOVE, not FEAR.

6) Once the child acknowledges why they had to sit in the naughty spot, tell them you want an apology and when they do, hug them and tell them you love them. Without a doubt they will reciprocate. And then, if applicable, ask them to apologize to whomever they offended and they usually are open-hearted enough to be willing. At this point, I ask the child if this experience made them feel better and they almost always say yes. They are usually overcome with a sense of relief.

Easton absolutely loves this program. It breaks a cycle of pride and ego and teaches him the amazing power of vulnerability and how living life in love is much more powerful than living life in fear/ego.

Supernanny (my hero) YouTube description of this technique:

Here’s an amazing example of a difficult case which took 67 times back and forth to the naughty spot to “break” the child (kind of like a breaking a wild horse):


I’ve been working tirelessly with Erik to help people, so while bathing in my Himalayan bath salt, I decided to have some playtime with him instead. I mean, why does it have to be all work and no play? That makes Erik a dull boy, right? I said, ‘Erik, let’s play with the water. I’ll start.’ So I poked my finger up through the surface and created rings. Then I said, ‘Okay, you’re turn.’ After about 20-30 seconds, the water around me started to vibrate, just a little at first, but then it started to build and build and build until there was no doubt it was not the AC or me. It was him returning in play. So much fun. Try it!


So many people emailed me after this week’s radio show asking me to start a waiting list for when I begin doing portal list, which I think, if I remember correctly, Erik said will be in 2 weeks. I have to get liability insurance, too, which is unfortunate because I’m only trying to help people. So, STARTING MONDAY (Please not on the weekend.) from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CT weekdays, email me your full legal name, age and the city you are currently living in. Erik also needs a photo of you (Face at least, but full body is okay. If it’s your face, it can’t be cut off by someone else’s face or obscured by a hat or sunglasses. And a photo of the outside of your home or apartment/apartment front door/apartment complex). My email address is Erik will set price points today by having me write various prices on Post-It notes, dredging them in Himalayan salt, smudging them in sage, then palo santo, crumpling them up and mixing them so I don’t know what’s on them, and then using the dowsing rods in a scalar field to select those prices.


If any of you are a paralegal or attorney with experience in writing disclaimers and waivers, I’d love to barter doing this for portal work. If interested, please email me at the address above and attach any samples of your work with names redacted, of course.


If you missed it, here it is:

Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show aired Tuesday at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. TOUGH TIME RELIEF FOR THE PANDEMIC! Again, the entire hour this Tuesday was devoted to Erik answering questions. Channeling those answers from Erik was our wonderful CE medium, Veronica Drake, huge CE favorite. She’s always been very accurate, but after doing portal work on her, her accuracy rate has risen even more! Check her out at If you want to talk to Erik during future shows, call in to 646-716-9735.

Okay, okay, no more stalling. Thanks for your patience, guys. Don’t worry, it’s worth the wait!

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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