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Here are some heartwarming stories of how Erik has helped so many. Remember that if you need help, all you have to do is call on him. If you do have an Erik encounter or a testimonial to share, please, please do that. The “Share Your Praise” and “Share Your Story” buttons are on the right hand side of the sidebar. You just need to scroll down a bit. Your story can give others hope and confirmation. In fact, they can saves lives, so the minimal effort is definitely worth it!

Story #1

Not to long ago I was under a very dark cloud. In despair, ready to end it all….. While looking for painless ways to kill myself online I ran across Erik’s website. I always say, he found me, and ever since that moment my life has changed for the better. Today, I no longer hold the weight of the world on my shoulders. I no longer want to end it all. I live everyday as a gift and love every second of it. All because of one kid that reached out to me and showed me the way it could always be, painless.

Thank you Elisa Medhus, Jamie Butler, and Kim Babcock for all your work. You could never know the depths you reach while doing it, but I’m here to let you know, you and Erik have saved many like myself.

Love always.

Story #2

I recently hit rock bottom with a bad opiate addiction. I broke down and started praying for god to send someone to help me Then about 15 mins later I discovered the channeling erik videos. Through them I activated my pineal gland and found inner peace and the deep need to help people and spread love. I helped my fiance to activate her pineal gland and we both had a huge breakthrough that night and was visited by a few passed loved ones. My grandpa was there and I asked him are these erik video’s I’ve been watching real and legit and he said why dont you ask erik and erik stepped forward and said fuck yeah dude. And let me know Im here to help people on an emotional and spiritual level but I had to experience my own hell first so i could sympathize and really help these people. I am now completely sober and not even wanting drugs at all I credit this to Erik and Elisa these video’s have saved my life and I just want to say thank you.

Story #3

I have no clue how I found y’alls YouTube channel. I haven’t really been researching much as of late but ever since I started hearing y’alls story. I’ve just been listening and resonating.
Talk to Erik and see if he agrees but I’m certain I’m supposed to help end racial tension. After listening to the interview w Trayvon Martin Freddie Gray and etc. My soul was touched. I want to fix the problem. Protect the youth and the people living in proverty.
Feel free to contact me.
I’m waiting. (:
PS y’all are amazing. But y’all already know.

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