Erik, the Mischief Maker

One thing I forgot to mention about the John Wayne interview: It was conducted over a year ago, well before the IRS scandal. Interesting!

Now enjoy this story about Erik’s relentless mischief with a blog member. Who knows? You might be next! Erik steps his pranking to a new level with her. 

You do not know me but my name is Sarah Rott.  I am an RN who now works as an Intuitive/Medium and Reiki Practitioner. This summer has been an interesting one with odd encounters which I shrugged off continually. 

 A week ago, I decided I was ready to make some shifts in my life and get back to channeling and doing the deeper intuitive work I know I came here to do.  After making this decision and proclaiming I was going to find out why people committed suicide and what happens to them (inspired by recent local and celebrity deaths), I was guided towards watching the movie Heaven is For Real.  I am not religious but very much enjoyed the movie which led me to look at the website for Akiane and her paintings.  From there, I was somehow led to your website Channeling Erik.  I don’t even remember how I found your website- it just seemed to be there.  And my jaw dropped- this was exactly what I was looking for.  I wasn’t able to read much past the beginning story and a few entries in the archives that first night because it was close to bedtime.  Lo and behold, that night I woke up to my bed being shaken.  Nothing else in the room was shaking but my bed.  I was too tired to think very long about it.  From that day on, I was aware of things happening throughout each day. I was even being reminded intuitively of incidences which started occurring the past month or so- days of massive swarms of dragonflies overtaking our backyard, the floating chair in the pool being propelled around the water without anyone in the pool or any wind, our dogs and cats awake and whining during the night which is very unusual, items missing and then showing up unexpectedly, the list goes on and on. 

 It all peaked on Monday- just three days ago.  I suddenly came down with a huge headache in the late afternoon.  I laid down on my bed for a minute while my husband took over the household.  As I laid there, I distinctly knew I was blocking a message and a spirit trying to come through from the Other Side. I let down the inner block and suddenly I saw a young man come riding into my room on a horse.  He was dressed as a knight and hopped off the horse laughing.  He said, “I am your Knight in Shining Armor.”  He kept laughing, like he thought his whole getup was pretty funny.  He then took off his helmet and I saw a young man who looked just like your Erik- except his hair was a bit lighter than his pictures- more golden.  I asked him what message he had for me and he gave me two words- a name.  I had never heard this name before and immediately got up (my headache was gone) to research this name.  What I found first was a link to cast members from a well-known TV show.  Now, I thought this was a bit odd so I researched one more time and came across someone who was not dead but had recently experienced great loss in his family.  I did not know this person and had never heard of these losses but I felt this was who was being contacted from the Other Side.  For validation, I asked that this young man (Erik?) please shown me a clip of this well-known TV show I had just come across online as I was watching the Emmy Awards that night.  No clip came on.  I was bit disappointed and wondering what this name given to me really meant. After the Emmy Awards ended, my husband asked if I wanted to watch Breaking Bad.  I wasn’t really in the mood for this show but said yes anyway.  A few minutes into the episode, I noticed the characters were sitting down watching a clip of this well-known TV show I had asked to be shown for validation.  Okay, now I really started paying attention.  I knew I needed to take the time to get the message for this person who had experienced these losses but I was tired.  I came up with excuses that night.

The next day I was woken up very early in the morning by the dogs and cat but still, I did not take the time to get this message.  After sending the kids off to school and sitting down to do my work, I turned on the computer.  The screen was black.  Everything else worked but the screen- no matter what I tried and regardless of which solution I researched and used. I finally said to this young man, “I will help you deliver this message but I have a reading I need to complete first.  This woman paid for a reading and is waiting for answers.  Also, can you help me do this reading – in a different way than I have been doing them in the past so I can get it done quicker but with even more precise answers?”  I felt guided to sit by the pool while going back to the old school way of using a pen and a pad of paper.  I wrote down the messages as they came- this young man guided me to get back to doing the readings this way and he also helped me to see clearer and connect with this woman’s passed on parrots.  I then typed up the reading on a different computer and sent it off.  But kids home from school later that day with commitments and errands-  I still didn’t get the message for this person with the recent losses.  The errands went awry, items falling off shelves at the grocery store, bags of food flying and smashing tomatoes in my car, microwave making strange popping sounds- okay, okay I will get the message, I thought.  This is urgent- I will do it after Back to School Night.  

I stayed up until midnight that night typing the message for this person given to me from the help of this young man.  I could sense this person was not in a good space and had a high level of depression surrounding him so I began to understand why this message was to be sent immediately.  Also, I found out after I wrote the message that one of the loved ones he had lost had a birthday that same day.  I sent the message via facebook before I went to bed- not being friends with this father- scared because I don’t know him and because he didn’t ask for a reading from me yet hoping he gets the message- putting my trust into this young man’s plea to help this person. Yesterday, I told this young man from the Other Side that I needed a break.  I was tired and spent the morning with a friend going to farmer’s market and coffee.  Everything went so well and smoothly: people were extra friendly, giving us free fruit, discounts, and talking of their deceased loved ones out of nowhere.  Last night, I checked to see if this father had read the message.  Nope.  I researched it and found out if you are not friends, they do not see the message unless they go to a special folder called Other Folder which most people have never seen or opened. If I pay $1, though, facebook will deliver the message to his normal inbox.  I did nothing last night.  I woke up this morning and felt off once again.  I spilled my coffee all over the counter and almost the kid’s lunches.  After the kids left for school, I walked out to the side of the pool and I heard,”Get on it!  If you do not send that message off again, I will push you in the pool!”  And then I heard that playful laugh again. I walked back into the house, grabbed the computer I had put away because it was no longer working with a burnt out screen.  It turned it on and it was working. 

 Now, here I am, the message has been paid for and sent (not sure if or when I will hear back but that is okay) and I am writing you.  The reason I am writing you is because I thought you might be interested in how your son has been working over here in California but also because I wanted to encourage you.  I know writing something, believing something that is not with the world’s streamline of thinking is extremely difficult.  I left part of the intuitive world two years ago because I was worried of what others would think of me if they found out I communicated with those who have died.  So I went towards Angels and Ascended Masters- directing my work to channeling them and also healing the physical body. Even in the New Age circles- these beings are considered more ideal to get messages from and if you are doing this, you are cool!  You get looked up to!  “Wow, you connect with such high beings!” they say.  But really, in the end, this is all back to judgment.  I am realizing this now.  Connecting with passed on people is one of the most amazing, healing, and inspiring work there is.  It takes very high vibrations to do this- despite what we are told as intuitives from other intuitives:  I was told and used to believe connecting with past on souls brought your energy down.  No, this is not true.  I have gone through a cleansing method the past few weeks which I have never had to do before- eliminating alcohol almost completely, electrical shifts, attitude changes, letting go of financial worries, head vibrating and opening up, etc.  I had started making these changes because I was guided to and I thought it would lead to even “higher” realms.  And what I opened up to was this wonderful son of your’s and these people who are hurting, hurting so very badly.  These past two years where I denied my true purposes for this life, where I muffled my abilities to fit in or to avoid the conflict, have led me to realize that all of the shit- yes shit!- that comes from living your life purpose- it is worth it.  It is so very much worth it because the feelings of the alternative are so very much worse.  I thank you Elisa for the sacrifice you have made to bring these messages to everyone’s awareness.  Please do not give up even when the going gets tough because this is what you are here to do.  Take breaks for more clarity and enjoyment of other aspects and people in life.  But this is your home.


Sarah Rott

Thanks so much for sharing this, Sarah! Everyone, remember to post your Erik stories under the “Erik Encounters” page on the drop down menu under “About Erik.”

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