Playing Football with Angels


I thought I’d share my little preparation ritual, before Erik & I get into this conversation.  I usually set up an “appointment” ahead of time; I send it out by thinking strongly of him and saying, “Today I can write at (this time).  Is that good for you?”  He always says yes to me.

Can’t say no to a pretty girl (charmer)

Then when I’m on my way to sit down to write, Erik likes to remind me to pee, because for some reason when I talk to him, my bladder shrinks.  (Not literally, there’s just something about his energy that makes me want to pee.)

(Ha!  – he just said it’s because he excites me, like a little dog who pees when she’s happy.)  These are the nitty gritty details not every psychic will share – but you can count on me to go there, because I find toilet humor hilarious.

Erik does the drum roll like, BA DUM BUM!  (Flussssh!) ends it with the sound of a flushing toilet.  And he now indicates that from now on, instead of tapping me on the head when he’s done with a thought, he will make the sound of a flushing toilet. 

That is awesome, I love that idea.  Okay, so Erik there were two topics we were bouncing around this week, and the first one is Angels.  I didn’t think you’d talked much about angels on your blog; I did a quick search of the blog and nothing came up.  So, where to start here…

(Erik just jumps in)  Okay so first of all, angels DO exist.  They don’t always have wings – that’s something they can create to help other people recognize them and their purpose (so they don’t get mistaken as human ghosts/spirits).  The angels are like (he gives me a football reference I don’t recognize Linebacker?)  Yeah, the angels are the really big strong guys who move all the other forces out of your way so you can get the (ball) in the (end zone?) 

(I make a quip about “end zone” and all the (kinda gay) double-entendres in sports – Erik responds by showing me a close up of high, muscular athletic male buttocks clad in very tight, white, filthy leggings and a hand comes into frame to smack it.  And he gives me this feeling that the hand *really* wants to grab it, but instead smacks the full-focus butt.) You were saying?

Angels are the linebackers of human life on earth.  Way back before we (who’s we?) did this whole “humans on earth” experiment, it was all gamed out, and there was this position in the game where we needed angels. 

Okay pause here – who’s the “we” you’re talking about?

It’s the collection of (separate conscious entities who decided to create an expansion of consciousness through contrasting experience.  Shows me shadow and light – the difference, the contrast, defines the outline of the person – shows me a mirror.) 

Okay, so basically what you’re saying is that incarnation is like throwing light on your consciousness to create shadow outlines, or like holding up a mirror to yourself.  When you’re sitting by yourself you might not understand what you look like (symbol for who you are) and so you may go looking for tools to get an idea of what you look like.

YES!  And the freaky part is that how you look at yourself (whichever tool) changes own your perception of how you look – do you get it?  Like if you see just your shadow, you’re two-dimensional, because that’s all you’ve seen to define yourself, so that’s how you create yourself.  

If you see your face in a mirror, you see all that depth, and because you see yourself as three-dimensional, suddenly you ARE three dimensional.  Incarnation is the light that creates the shadow, or it’s the mirror you hold up in front of yourself.  And NOW a lot of people are learning to see new dimensions of themselves, so they’re BECOMING that new concept of themselves.  Ya get it?

If we’re going to set up this planet to be all violent and shit, if we’re going to set up all these wars, power struggles – all of the big stuff that was planned on a (really high level) – we’re going to need a (race?) of beings who are willing to run interference so the whole thing doesn’t go to hell.  (Shows me the rodeo clowns distracting / redirecting a bull away from the cowboy.)

It’s a really big deal too, because whoever was going to take on this job was making a HUGE commitment over thousands of years.  Any way you look at that (linear time or not) it’s a MASSIVE expansion / expulsion / emission (ha) / output of energy.  And it requires this continuous focus through this whole development – an angel who has committed to this project can’t be doing anything else on the side, for other planets.  It’s all about Project Earth. 

Angels are some of my favourite people!  (Shows me playing football with angels – angels dressed in perfectly clean white robes playing football with a team of teenage boys.  It’s funny because everyone knows the angels can manifest enough force in a moment to win the game, but the point is to manifest just *enough* force to push the boys to their absolute limits – this helps the boys to *discover* new limits they didn’t know they had.  It’s a different sort of physical form – there is a sense of exhaustion from the boys, and there is a lot of energy expended, but there isn’t the lactic acid or the shaking muscles.  It’s sports with energetic bodies.)

This is the kind of interference the angels will run for you – they’ll help move a lot of the accidents / disasters out of your way.  (Shows me when I got hit by a bus – that story is here:

I was remembering that earlier today, getting hit by that bus as a kid, making the decision not to die.  These are the times that I think we get a lot of help from people on the other side, like our relatives or like you, E.  Something inside you says “No.” and then by some miracle, you make it out alive and a lot of the time, barely scratched.

How do you know if it was an angel who was helping you in those moments, or a spirit relative?

Okay, so just to be clear: Angels historically have not incarnated on earth in general, through most of history.  As a rule they have stayed on the other side to run interference and do the (energy) work they do so well.  If they were to incarnate in human bodies, they’d have to give up a lot of that connection, and the people we call angels identify so strongly with this source energy that some of them just couldn’t exist without that constant connection. 

THAT SAID, there are a lot of “angels” (he made the “bunny ear” gesture for quotations) who actually ARE incarnating right now for the very first time.  The whole point of this is that it’s been decided (on that high level) that the angels want and need to have actual incarnated boots on the ground.  So some of these are coming in as what might be called “crystal kids” and they might seem really spacey, they might get diagnosed with some disorder – but a lot of them don’t really give a crap about that, especially (grin) the boys! 

Which, for the record ladies, is why more boys are diagnosed with (behavior “problems”) because a lot of them just don’t care if they’re being bad, and a lot of girls really DO care.  It’s a choice to care about what other people think of you.  Anyway –

There are a bunch of these people who have NEVER had an incarnation on earth before, and they’re coming in now to help (shows me a huge runaway ship that is careening towards a reef and certain doom – shows me extra people popping in to help haul the rudder around so the whole ship can veer around the reef and change course without killing everyone.)

So a lot of people are going to create this definition of angels as beings who have never incarnated on earth in physical form.  I’m not going to use that definition because it’s not really true – there HAVE been angels (gives me names of saints:  Christopher, Francis, Augustine)  who incarnated in a human body.  But in general, they stayed on the other side.  But NOW, a whole bunch of them are coming into bodies to help us out.

And I’m not saying all “crystal / indigo / gifted” kids are angels.  Some of them are “star” kids, and that’s a whole other entry (indicates this was spoken about on the blog in the past, and it’s a thread he’ll pick up again in the future.)

The thing to understand, I think, (taps his chest to show this is HIS opinion / perspective) is that angels are like just another race of beings.  “Angels” is a label that we put on this race, and race is a false division anyway.  You can line up a bunch of humans who have different racial backgrounds and find more things the same about them than different.  It’s the same when you line up (angels, humans, aliens)

The only reason we label aliens as aliens is because they specialize in experience on planets OTHER THAN EARTH.  That’s the only qualifier. 

So angels we could say specialize in helping humans incarnated on earth not die stupidly.

LOL!  That is a challenging job description for angels, and they do a lot more than that, don’t they?

Yeah, not dying stupidly is really just the beginning.  (Shows me his “angel” called “Heff” like Hugh Heffner)  Heff here, I put this poor dude through the ringer.  He was with me when I died.  (Here I apologize to Erik and ask him not to elaborate – sorry folks, I just can’t take the visuals.)

Heff (shows me kids drinking and driving) that was one time I could’ve died stupidly.  But he was there when I even scraped my knee.  I think without angels, some of us might decide to bleed to death from our first paper cut – angels help us to (bear the pain of incarnation on earth.)  They make us / help us to be stronger.  (Shows me the football analogy again.)

So yeah, when (I just hear the words “great-grandmother is my guardian angel”) it’s true – you can have a relative who was incarnated be one of your “guardian angels” – because angels are defined by the work that they do, not by their race.

That’s awesome Erik, because you brought an answer to a question I hadn’t asked yet.  There’s this idea I’ve been bumping into about “angel training”.  That some people incarnated on earth right now are in “angel training”, and it was something I hadn’t heard about in the psychic / paranormal / spiritual books I’ve read.  So do you think it’s true, that some humans are “studying” to be angels?

Well, yeah, again it depends on how you want to define angels.  Because (you line up every life form in the entire universe, you’re going to find more similarities than differences.)  All these definitions at a certain level are just a convenience.  There is really no solid line dividing anything in the whole universe, we (anything with a sense of separated consciousness) just create lines and divisions when it’s convenient, so we can go do something cool.  (Tells all his friends “WATCH THIS!”  before jumping off of a roof into a pile of wood / leaves / garbage beside a house.)


Wow, there’s a great analogy to end on:  Life on earth is like saying “Watch this!” to your buddies and then jumping off the roof into a pile of garbage where you will probably get hurt, but it’s fun anyway.

(Hey guys – I just high-fived Erik – You try this!  You have to make the sound effect like a fake whip sound, but damn I felt the shivers all down one side of my body.  DO IT!  It’s awesome!  Erik’s gonna do a round of high-fives with y’all, because your roof jumping stunt into life is AWESOME!  High five!)

Aaaaand now I have to pee.



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