Much of this week, I’ve been thinking how much I enjoy being incarnated on *this* planet.  I think incarnation can be a burden or a gift, depending on how you look at it.  As cool as some of Plink Plunk’s ideas/communications are, in comparison, the sheer variety on this planet would make me pick it every time.

A long time ago, I read in one of Sylvia Browne’s books that souls are lined up to incarnate on planet Earth.  She said that’s why the population is exploding, because so many souls want to get in while they still can.  I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with Sylvia, it’s just that something about this point of view never sat quite right with me, the idea of souls lining up to incarnate here like it’s a ride at Disney Land.

Yet from Plink Plunk’s perspective, in comparison to a planet that is more balanced and therefore more homogenized, our planet looks like a circus act.  And if you’re one of the performers, would you ever feel at home in the audience ever again?

There is a reason each and every one of us is here on Earth, and not anywhere else.  This is what I have been thinking (remember I may not be “correct.”)

Another thing Plink Plunk said that really stuck with me:  There is not a single plant on your planet that would fulfill all of your nutritional requirements.

How WEIRD is that???  It’s true; if we ate only one thing, we’d die of malnutrition.  And on the flip side, the idea of eating ONLY one thing is horrifying – the Soylent Green movie comes to mind:

So many of our dystopian books are set in a world that could be compared to Plink Plunk’s planet (Brave New World, for example) and I’m sure a few people were thinking about Communism when reading about the transportation system and working “hive”.

What’s really interesting about the experience of talking with Plink Plunk is that for a few days there, I was really *convinced* that the transportation system was so much better than our own hideously paved roads and outrageously expensive vehicles.  My mind just locked onto the perfect logic of it all – I didn’t even question it for a while.  I’ve never experienced this through telepathic communication before – not just the communication, but the logical solution settled so firmly into my mind that I claimed it as my own.

I feel like I want to reiterate the same cautionary statement from Erik a couple of weeks ago, tailored to the Plink Plunk entries:  just because he is an alien, doesn’t mean he is *right*.  It also doesn’t mean he has all of the answers to our health, environmental and social concerns, either; he has his own unique perspective on our world, which he’s offering because the conversation is interesting.  This does not make him all knowing, superior, a demi-god etc.

Erik says, Calm the hell down, people!   And winks.  Yeah, it’s fucking cool – you live in the generation of humans that after a MILLENIA is finally re-establishing contact with alien dudes on other planets, and is doing it / talking about it in an open way – that it’s part of our culture and it’s talked about at dinner tables.  It’s not just for the crazies with tin foil hats anymore!  Or at least, the crazies are increasing in numbers!

The thing that’s really going to make this whole worldwide conversation about aliens stick is the internet – back in the day, Cowboys & Aliens, some dude on a horse would see some crazy shit, and the whole town would just think he was drunk.  There was no internet to find out that someone else saw the same thing at the same time.

And when you talk to (the tribal elders) – in the stories, the oral history of the tribe – that’s like the internet of the past – all this information was held in the minds of respected, high-ranked people.  No one would (scoff) at an elder.  No, when the elders talked about aliens, they were heard and respected.  That’s one of the few ways humans as a species can know for sure that we have had a relationship with alien dudes like Plink Plunk *this whole time*.

But that shit’s not news to (my readers).  Naw, here’s something new:

Just like they visit us, WE VISIT THEM!  (mimics brains exploding)

Erik, is that like astral projecting you’re showing me, or are you talking about our physical bodies going over there?

No, our bodies wouldn’t survive the frequency of the planet over there, we’d melt like the wicked witch of the west!  (melting!  Meeeelllting!)

It’s more than (telepathic communication I’ve done with Plink Plunk) it’s like we can take the part of our bodies that CAN tolerate the frequency and literally go over there through an energetic portal.

Like a wormhole?  God you’re such a nerd!  Be nice, dude, I’m trying to understand!

Your whole imagination is full of star trek references.  There’s more to it than that.  Okay, well are you going to try and explain it?

So, you’re taking your energetic body – that part of your physicality that is *not the cells* but the energy that sustains the cells.  Not the atoms but the energy that is moving through the atoms (shows me the ocean waves – the water molecules are the atoms, the action / power moving through the water is the energy.)

Okay, if energy is defined by movement, then how does it stick around long enough to be considered our “energetic body”?

It’s that time thing again – and here’s where we get talking about dimensions.  And I can tell you’re getting bored. 

Yeah, I need to teach some physicists how to talk to you.  Seriously.  I am not qualified.

You’re qualified, it’s just not what turns your crank, and that’s cool.  Because the shit you do is beautiful. 

Thank you (warm)

So, maybe we can just leave it at that – we go over with our energetic bodies.  What is left of our physical bodies?

It can be asleep in your bed – but it would be that deep scary sleep and if someone tried to wake you up, you wouldn’t wake up.  It has happened that some people wake up in a hospital, because their (spouse) couldn’t rouse them in the middle of the night and thought they were half-dead. 

It’s not awesome for the body to do it a lot, because it’s like you’re draining your body’s bank account (draining the energetic investment you have in your body).  So it’s not a recreational thing, generally, for those who do it.  But it is done.  It’s like an extreme version of remote-viewing.

I agree, it’s a really neat concept.  (Erik pushes his nerd glasses up the bridge of his nose and imitates my voice saying “neat”.)  So, why do people do it?

Some people just do it because they can, because not many people at all do it.  There are little groups of people who do it together, like an away-team (from star trek – he’s talking to me in my own nerdy vernacular, you see.)

So what do people do while they’re over there?

Just look around, mostly.  Some people get really scared if they actually run into anyone, which is why some people started going in groups.  Fear will snap you right back, so there’s no worry about capture or anything.  But if you get spooked by something small, you’re snapped right back into your body and the adrenaline will keep you there.  So you want to avoid getting jumpy over every little thing.

Is there any kind of coordination?  Like, a control tower or something to ask permission to go land on someone else’s planet?

Well, yeah, there is some organization, and there’s also the (equivalent of a kid playing with a HAM radio and stumbling upon another person using the same frequency.)

Any chance someone could die doing that?

Well, some people do choose to die because if they’re more interested in other planets, what’s the point in maintain a corpse on this one, you know?  Some people just decide not to go back, and in that case (shows me it’s like having your foot stuck in the mud, and you’re stretching to try and get away from the mud.  When you die, it’s like your foot pops free, and you feel unrestricted, and move where you want.)

Uh, what was that cult – the Haley’s comet cult that all committed suicide to join the mother ship?

If you have to drink poison kool-aid to leave your body, you’re definitely not doing what we’re describing here.  That’s not what I’m talking about –

But you can see how this sort of thing makes me want to put a little disclaimer into my posts, right?

The double-edged sword of having a growing audience is that you (and others) get a little chicken about what you’re willing to talk about. 

Yeah, I’ll own up to that, actually.  How about this:  as long as it’s positive, as long as we’re focusing on good thing that are going to make people happy to read, I’ll be as brave as you need me to be.  (We shake on it.)







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