Poetry for the Bereaved, Part Two

Enjoy Danielle’s second piece which she has accompanied with a song from the Tiger Lillies.

Sister’s Blues

I will share with you

everything I know.

The tender heart

ripped from its root.

Icy winds

make the body shake

& quake

and squawk

like a deranged

& rabid animal.

Fury’s acid sets the eyes

green, the soul

fills with pus-

I grow fangs

and chomp

through glass

dishes- I swallow

the shards of wishes

that will never come true

can never come true

because of you.

You I blame

and fling

your pure bone

of memory

against the door

frame. You you you

I stomp on the matter

you spewed & sprayed

all over the carpet

what have you done

but cut down

cut through this mother

& whole family

choked the mother’s

anger down her throat

her eyes distended

lips white with

no breathing.

She’s in her body

but her spirit

is removed

just like you

You you you

Who Have Blown Your Ego Up

all over this house

in every room

a giant, over sized Bill Board

dwarfing our own lives

making them seem small

& inconsequential

However can we/ I

stand up to you?

Somewhere, somehow

I must reach down

inside the unknown

of my self

inside the hole

where my heart used to live

and pull up

the courage,

its ghost twin

slippery, red

in hand, its imaginary afterlife

pulsing in tender, strong rhythm

and face the forest

that looms

in back of your

life- for that is

still mine, ours- still here

in the flesh. Our right

to grapple with intimidating

nature and all its grandeur-

To take on that struggle

the  struggle of a human

being in the denser world.

And when I have wrestled

with this time & time again

& gotten stronger

perhaps there will be an opening

for you standing somewhere

on the periphery

and perhaps you will be

breathed -slip into my regenerating


once again

after the wave of anger

Boils, freezes, melts, subsides

drifts & billows into strength.

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