Missing a Loved One?

Many of you have found your way to this oasis of hope by following a trail of tears. Many of you grieve. Many of you have suffered under the heavy burden of loss. You find camaraderie here. Understanding. Unity. Friendship. Compassion. But it doesn’t replace the son, daughter, lover, friend or … Continue reading

Loving the Deceased

First of all, I know we have a lot of new Channeling Erik family members since The Sheila Show interview which aired yesterday, and I want to welcome you all. I encourage you to start at the beginning of the blog and work your way through, because there's a lot of valuable information you don't … Continue reading

Losing a Loved One

To lose a loved one is pure agony. When you lose a child, your grief is compounded exponentially. When you lose that child to suicide, your grief is multiplied to unbearable levels. When that suicide is violent, you become a POW in a private war, tortured mercilessly day after day. In my desire to … Continue reading

Erik’s Advice to Those in Pain

Channeling Transcript Me: Do you have any advice to those who have lost loved ones and are just so stricken by grief? Erik: Remember, grief is really selfish. Wow, this made my heart sink, because that means I am One Selfish Bitch. Erik: They need to look at what part of themselves they feel is … Continue reading

To the Departed

Please join me in sending love and light and all the healing prayers you can muster for those suffering from the devastation left behind the wake of the storms that have been plaguing the South. It all seems so unprecedented. Makes me wonder if this is all a part of the coming Shift. My heart … Continue reading