Poignant Stories from Two CE Peeps

Enjoy this Saturday post and be safe! Spend cozy time this weekend watching and rewatching CE YouTubes!

Story #1

What a powerful one. I’m not sure who sent this, but if you are reading this and it’s your submission, please email me at emedhus@gmail.com. I want to help.

I saw this Radom video on YouTube talking about channeling Erik . I always had suicide Thoughts because I live off a machine. I have kidney disease and I am in pain every day. Listening to Erik how he explains the after life made me don’t want to end my life. Because if I die I can come back on earth and have many past lives. So why not enjoy life because your time going to come anyway. I still think about taking my life because I want to come home and be near god… Jesus I don’t want to feel the pain know more. Erik made me feel the other side has a lot of love. But I will keep living for now but my depression get the best of me. Wednesday October 10 I tried killing myself by driving my car 80 miles an hour. Then I stop and said why should I hurt someone else cause of my stupidity. Listening to channeling Erik every night well I am still alive👍😇

Story #2

Hello,Elisa and Erik

I am writing this from Japan.
I just wanted to say thank you and your team.

I am so impressed and excited about your courageous action (this blog) with wonderful mediums .
I am not good at English but since I found your blog (about two month ago)…..I am reading and watching youtube channel of Channeling Erik almost everyday.
I am learning a lot from Erik and you…also from mediums.

These messages (teachings)made me believe more and more deeply about what I have been feeling abut our spiritual life.
I really hope that you will continue to post on this wonderful page! (I can imagine that it is not so easy.)
I have read your book”My Life After Death”in Japanese and my 18year old daughter is reading it now, too.

And now I am able to feel closer to my partner who passed away last year.

Thank you for your courage, Thank you for your huge love.
Please take care.



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