Praise for Erik

Story #1

This is my first day on your website Elisa and I want you to know the love that resonates here is beautiful and welcoming! Thank you so much Jamie, Erik and Elisa for this amzing work you are doing. I am looking forward to further contact with you all in the near future.

So I just registered on your sight today and was reading the January 2010 blogs which began with January 29/2010 “A Visit To Big Sister”. I read to the bottom of the page where it says to Return To The Home Page. So I begin scrolloing back up to the beginning of the Jan 29/2010 blog when I hear my cat Cocoa howling a strange and eery howl, not one that I have recognized and was able to put a label on. You kind of get to know your cats personality and I knew that this one was different. She wasn’t howling at a stray cat or anything like that. Cocoa is an older cat so I am concerned about her passing soon, so I went to look for her. I found her in my bedroom asleep on my bed and howling in her sleep..wierd right. I have never seen her do this before. So I cuddled her and kissed her on top of the head and just gave her some loving. She woke up and seemed a little startled but perfectly fine. With everything good on the homefront I go back to the computer to continue reading Elisa’s blog.When I looked at where the cursor was pointing my heart leaped out of my chest. If you go to the January 22/2010 blog about Stacy and go to the last paragraph, the first sentence reads, “I’m told that loved ones we have lost often contact us through children and even animals.

My cursor was pointing directly at the word ANIMALS!!!

That was a WOW-ZER moment and then to look at the picture right below seeing Erik give me that all knowing smurkish kind of grin in his photo was enough for me to know that I just had an experience with the afterlife. Thank you, thank you, thank you Erik!

I look forward to many more encounters with you and my spirit guides. xoxo JM

Story #2

This is for Erik, just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the help you are given to others here. And that I check in from time to time to see how things are going with your mom and Jamie ( you tube ). I just watched the interview Elisa did with the Edgar Cayce foundation. Love seeing your mom. And so enjoy watching you, her, and Jamie interact. My mother had me reading books on Edgar Cayce from way back when I was a young mother. I can’t recall how I first came across Elisa and you Erik, It’s been going on over two years now. But I do remember telling Elisa about a book I had read called (( The Laws of The Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagari.
Thrice printed in the short period of just less than eleven months since it’s publication the book has created a history in the publishing world. Vispi and Ratoo,beloved sons of Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri,died in a car accident in 1980,in India.Their spirits were trying to reach them through a chain of people.Under their guidance Khorshed annd Rumi developed powers of concentration that enabled them to communicate with their sons through a process called automatic writing.Since the past twenty years,Vispi and Ratoo have given their parents spiritual knowledge.)) It’s a really cool book. I wonder if you have met the two men (brothers) there where you are. And, I also wanted you to know Erik, today I Pre-ordered your book “My Life after Death.” Looking forward to getting it, only I wished you could of signed it for me. Oh Well, maybe one day I will have the honor to meet your mom, or Jamie in person and get one of them to sign it for me. I have been sharing your stories with my oldest daughter ( who reminds me a lot of you Erik) and I told her as soon as I read your book I wanted her to read it too. Again, thank you all Erik, Jamie and Elisa for all you do to help educate others on the wonderful fact that we never really die, but go on to learn more and more knowledge on so many other levels, and that we never really leave the ones we love either, we just take the love with us. ~ Much Love!

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