Quantum Session Traveling to the Astral Realms

Talk about racking up those frequent flyer miles! Kim took me to the astral realms, then in another session, to the Akashic Records. Both were amazing experiences. Before watching, please remember that there won’t be a radio show tomorrow. We’ve moved the show to Tuesdays and it will be at same time. The next show will be next Tuesday the19th. For you guys enduring winter storms, please be careful. I’m sending you prayers and love and hope everyone does the same! Hey, I have an idea! Huddle by the fireplace and read through the CE archives and binge watch the YouTubes!

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Elisa:  Hello Kim Voigt, how are you doing?

Kim:  Hello, I’m doing good today, how are you?

Elisa:  I’m doing great, you know I was noticing that a lot of people accidentally and I’ve done it too, spell your name, they have to put that H after the G.

Kim:  I know it! I’ve actually considered changing the spelling of my name, because everybody wants to do that. (laughing)

Elisa: Yeah because you know G, H, it’s so common but anyway, we’re not here to talk about that! We are here to talk about something different, but first I want to say hi to my boy who I love so much!

Erik: Oh, Mom, I love you so much too!

Kim: He showed up right away this morning, he brought Jaii with him and also Christ popped in.

Elisa:  Before we start, Erik, Amy Elizabeth, sent me this of this orb video, that’s going crazy!

Kim:  I saw that!

Elisa:  Was that you?

Erik: That was me! That was me!

Elisa: Well what were you trying to do?

Erik:  Show people, I’m present! That I’m involved, as I’ve been trying to tell everybody, that I’m only a thought away, so when you’re thinking about me, you can pull my presence in. People sometimes will wonder; well how can he be with his Mom and then come and do this with me. I can bi-locate, it’s that easy! It’s almost like you just kind of shift your awareness.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim:  Yeah.

Elisa: It’s so cool how you can do that Erik! Did you visit Amy for a particular reason?

Kim:  Was she having some kind of session with him, wasn’t that what it was? Or thinking of him or something, I think.

Elisa:  Okay, 4 hours after, sorry.

Kim: Yeah.

Erik:  Often when I’ve had a session with somebody, they are really kind of in tune to my energy and my vibration.

Kim:  And he does this with me frequently and he’s telling me he does it with you all the time, you’ve probably noticed, but after a session, a channelling session you’ll sense him around more strongly and so that’s what it was, he was still in her field, he was still trying to work with her and let her know he was there.

Elisa:  That’s cool. Well listen, leave as many EVP’s as you can, those are so much fun!

Kim:  They are fun!

Elisa: They’re my favorite, actually go back to Kim, all right Kim, tell us what we are going to talk about together.

Kim:  So, yeah.

Erik:  I want to talk about the Astral Realm, and this is in the heart level. So, often you hear people talking about third dimensional reality and fifth dimensional reality and people are going well why aren’t we working in the fourth dimensional reality, what’s that all about. Kim: As we’ve discussed the lighter end polarity or the service to others structure, the higher vibration of the heart is where you connect with Erik, your twin, and where you connect with Source, that’s the gateway. The other side of the coin is, that’s the lower end of the astral realm, and so that is where we can connect ghosts, entities, you know people that have died that have not transcended or grown at all. Some people have died, they can play out their death over and over and over, it’s almost as if they’re living in a Groundhog Day.

Elisa:  That’s horrible!

Kim:  Where every single day, they’re stuck, it’s this in between space.

Elisa:  Why? Why would they want to do that?

Kim:  Some don’t know, some won’t cross because they are so fearful of the things that they’ve been told about God and Spirit and that they’re going to be punished. Some people will stay, say a parent dies, sometimes they will stay and watch over their child, depending how evolved that soul is, that could be an okay thing or that could not be so good because if that soul is carrying depression with it or heaviness, density, they can actually influence and impact the people they are around. They’re like a drain on their energy.

Elisa:  And they bring other negative entities too.

Kim:  Yes, and Erik and Jaii is stepping in here too, and they’re asking me to make this point. They’re saying if you were to imagine a dial on radio, you know where you’ve got your dial and you’ve got your long, whatever it’s called where you see your station. Say you connect to Erik right in the middle at the heart, well if you go above that, you’re connecting into the fifth dimension, sixth dimension and Source. You go below that, you’re connecting into the lower realms, and so what Erik and Jaii are saying is just as we can raise our frequency to hear them in the higher realms, some people that are also psychically gifted are tuned into the negative realms and are influenced by them. It can produce a drag on their energy where they just don’t feel good and, in some cases, beings that are listening to these entities of this lower vibration actually channel them, and they’re telling me specifically to talk about, because as I spoke in our first video, you know we witnessed the Vegas shooting, out our hotel window, my husband and I. So, I’m familiar with that energy in Steven Paddock and although he did act alone, he didn’t have any help on the Earth plane, he had plenty of disembodied help.

Elisa: Oh.

Kim:  I mean he was tuned into that realm, they were influencing him, they were using him as pawn, basically and you know so, and Erik and Jaii are even bringing up, sometimes there can almost be a fine line, where, not so much, there will be like a mental illness element to it but where it’s like it’s considered criminally insane.

Elisa:  Yes.

Kim: And they’re hearing voices, telling them to you know do this harmful act, that can be what’s going on. They’re actually in tuned to that astral realm and that’s what they’re listening to.

Elisa:  Ugh! In the case of Steve Paddock, is there any entity that we know that helped him, like Ted Bundy or I don’t know or is it just some non-specific, we don’t know his name, not a famous.

Kim:  It was a collective, it was a group that focused in on him and really focused their energy on him and it’s a group that is.

Erik: It’s like what you’ve heard of the Kabbalah, where they will try to influence to gain power and control.

Kim: Because they’re saying the way it’s done, and they’re saying also to make the point, that as we raise our vibration on the planet, they’re actually much less effective. But the way it’s done, is kind of through a higher mind, where they will influence people and the media grabs a hold of it and they project this fear based image out constantly, constantly, constantly, they hook into that and they lower their vibration, so now they’ve created an event and they’ve broadcast it, broadcast it, broadcast it, so that people are afraid. They’ve lowered their vibration, well then people think, they start self-sabotaging, they start thinking, Okay, I’m not safe I have to give my power away to another, to the government and my money to keep me safe because I do not have the ability within myself because they have projected this very negative picture of reality and we bought in to it, the masses.

Elisa: (inaudible 8:30) the global elite, you know the ones that want the new world order?

Erik: Absolutely!

Elisa:  I can’t understand why so many people listen to the progressive media because they’re part of the global elite that’s trying to have this new world order, that’s very evil, George Soros evil, you know, I don’t understand why they buy into it. But anyways do you think, Erik or Jaii that this is common with other things, like was Hitler for example could he have been influenced by.

Kim: They’re both going, Yup! Yup! Yup!

Elisa:  Everybody, if some crap goes down in the world, think positive thoughts and love to the perpetrator, whatever, the victims, and just think beautiful thoughts, do not let them, do not let the media brain wash you.

Kim:  Right, right.

Elisa:  I’m talking about every media outlet, take it with a grain of salt. I wish they just had a media, a news channel that was just reporting the fricking news period. They used to have that in my day, of course that was the time where they had the weather like they would have these magnetic front lines, they’d put on all this stuff, but anyway, we’ll go on to the different planes if you want.

Kim:  Yeah, and so what’s he’s saying, so it’s a matter of where you tune your frequency in and then they’re also bringing up the point of that often we all have the ability to assist other in crossing over and so if we’re ever aware of other coming into our field or our awareness that have not evolved and crossed over that we can actually assist them. And they’re asking me to talk about, sometimes this happens in dream time, so one night I’m sleeping, I start having this dream that I’ve got a young boy, it’s looking like 1800’s beating at my door. He’s running away from a woman who’s chasing him and she’s dressed with this bouffant hair do and long gown like the 1800’s and we get him in my house. He’s terrified, and my husband and my uncle shows up and they’re boarding up the windows, this woman is angry because he stole food from her and she is after him and I am trying to tell her, that this was well over 200 years ago, to give it up, and she had him in such a state of fear that he couldn’t hear his own guides to cross over. So, we got him settled down, we got him connected with his guides, we crossed him over and then we started working on her. Neither one of those two knew that it was 200 years ago, they did not even understand that they had died, so sometimes these beings are so stuck in their death scene that they don’t even or you know what happened at those last moments, those trauma moments, they don’t even know they died and they don’t know that 200 years has passed.

Elisa:  Oh, Wow! Okay.

Erik:  It’s important and we all have that ability to help them transition, you can just call on Archangel Michael, you can ask that the tunnel of light be open, you can call Christ.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim: And you help them transition and that’s a really good way to clear it from the planet.

Elisa:  How do you know that there’s somebody that needs that done?

Kim: If you’re communicating with somebody, say you’re seeing them and they’re coming through, say someone shows up in your awareness, you could have some one, oh what was that movie with Bruce Willis, where the boy was seeing him, I can’t remember?

Elisa:  The I see dead people thing, I know.

Kim:  Yeah, but didn’t he have like a wound on his head, or something. Something like that where they haven’t transitioned or they look dirty or grubby or maybe they have glasses or maybe they have a cane. You don’t need glasses or a cane once you transition.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah, yeah.

Erik:  And if they’re trying to influence you with fear, and that kind of thing, you would know.  If they’re acting scary or trying to tell you scary things or scare you, you know they’re not an evolved soul and just to make a firm boundary, say your not welcome here, you’re calling Archangel Michael, with his tunnel of light to bring this being up to the fifth dimension, that you can do that. They do have free will too but by the time that you’ve got them into that state they will see you as an authority figure and they’ll listen to you most times. They’ll be like oh busted.

Elisa: Oh.

Kim:  You know.

Elisa: Okay, so.

Kim: We’ve even had here.

Elisa:  So, what if you don’t see anybody? You just know there’s negative energy. You know it’s one of those people, things that are stuck, those.

Kim:  Some people will hear them, so people will hear it as a thought in their mind.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim:  My mother actually used to do that, see because my mother’s life purpose was duality. She was really to show me both sides of the spectrum, when I was about 12, we moved into this house, which by the way was very haunted. My mother was very spiritually oriented but she didn’t not have a good defense system, so these beings were actually able to speak through her and they would attack me. I had no idea what this was all about, until many years later, I just knew we didn’t get along, and that she said many cruel, mean things. Well as time went on, the way it was explained to me, Erik and Jaii have helped me recently to understand this. That this was all part of the plan, this moving to this house, was for us to be in these energies where we would learn to channel and that the reason my Mom, I was to become familiar but the reason why my Mom took them on as her own and channelled them like that was so that I didn’t have to. So, that my energy would be more pure so I could do this kind of channelling, so she actually even though it was very hard going through it, I am grateful to her for taking that on to help me with my journey.

Elisa:  Yes, yes, okay.

Kim: And it was a drain on her, once we moved in that house her energy and her health just deteriorated.

Elisa: So, eventually did the negative energy and the hauntings clear out?

Kim: When they moved.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Kim: Yeah, that energy remains in that house to this day, I’m hearing.

Elisa: Oh, okay, okay.

Kim:  Yeah, that was an old 3 story hotel that somebody, it used to be a, not a 3-storey house, a 3-story hotel, that somebody tore down and it was kind of a saloon kind a lot of drinking and I was actually told there was like a murder or two.

Elisa: Oh.

Kim: You know and hidden things and that kind of stuff so there was a lot of dark energy in that house. Somebody could clear it, I just at the time was a teenage, I had no idea what it was except there was a heavy, icky, oppressive energy in that house. The minute I could get outside and away from it, I’d feel better.

Elisa: It would be interesting to know what’s going on in that house now.

Kim: Yeah. That would be interesting to know. Yeah, so, he’s saying, you know, I should have you come on over to the other side and see him and we’ll talk about some more ways that he can communicate with you and before we do that though, he did ask me to just spend a few minutes, he said if I could just open up and just allow Jaii to speak through me for a few minutes so that could see how easy it is.

Elisa: Sure!

Kim: And so, I’m just going to take some deep breaths and sometimes when I do this, my voice will actually change.

Elisa: Hmm.

Kim: And I will still, and he’s coming in, and so what he’s saying, I’m just going to let him speak completely through me and quick doing the second party stuff, so.

Jaii:  It’s nice to have this meeting with you Elisa, I am on your team, I work with your son, we are friends.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s awesome Jaii.

Jaii: And for Kim, when this started happening, we devised a plan where she would ask me, part of it was for her to get used to my energy, but she would ask me to give her signs and so as she’s talked about it before the majority of it before was in music and so one day she asked me, she wasn’t feeling my energy so much, was having kind of having a bad day and we’d always communicated in song, so she said Jaii, I just don’t feel you today, I feel like you’re withdrawing, I don’t know what’s happening I’m not hearing the music as much, what’s going on?

Kim: I leave where I was, I get in my car, turn on the radio, the first song, it’s a Mister Mister song, the verse plays, when we hear the voices sing, the book of love will open up and let us in, and so if you could just start by asking Erik questions and then letting go of the need to have it come through right away, go do whatever you’re going to do, and then start paying attention to music, to songs that you maybe inspired to on the radio, they may plan in your head, or you may be in store shopping and overhear a chance conversation.

Elisa: Hmm.

Jaii:  Erik’s start leading you into situations where you can say, oh yes that’s Erik, I recognize you, that’s Erik I recognize you. Once you start doing that more and more, he will feel more familiar to you, and you’re going to be able to just sit down, like Kim’s doing and just start saying what Erik wants you to say, the two of you will work together.

Elisa: Oh cool.

Jaii:  It’s important that you have you’re really strong sense of self to do this.

Elisa:  I do, I have a very strong sense of self, no problem with that.

Jaii:  Good, so it should be very easy for you and so.

Elisa:  Well after Erik died, Jaii, for some reason, I don’t like listening to music anymore. I used to read fictional novels and stuff but I don’t even do that anymore. I don’t know why, I mean every once while there will be a song that I really like but it usually has to be played by somebody else, you know, like my husband turns on the car radio or whatever.

Kim: He’s saying, I have to stop talking second party.

Jaii: That is because that reminded you so much of Erik.

Elisa: Because he liked music.

Jaii:  A connection with Erik, because when you listen to the music, you really go into the heart space and connect with Erik and it just felt so painful to you that that was a way to kind of diminish the pain, but now you’ve done so much healing it really is safe to start doing that and to start listening to him because you will be able to actually hear, an actual voice at times. There will be times, what Kim gets quite a bit of the time, is it’s called a download, you’ve probably heard of it, where there is like a packet of information that is delivered and you’ll recognize it because you’ll hear a very subtle ringing in your ears, you know outside in the summer time when you hear, I think it’s bugs but a lot of people think it’s the power lines sizzling, that’s kind of what it sounds like.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Jaii:  You’ll hear that very faintly in one ear, or maybe both ears and you’ll feel a slight change in the air pressure around your head. When that happens know you are getting a download from Erik.

Elisa: I have had that before, where I just have bzzzz in one ear, and it’s like a vacuum or some weird sensation.

Jaii:  That’s Erik giving you a download. So, then once you’ve got that, that’s in your body, that’s in your matrix, at the right time that information’s going to come out.

Elisa:  Okay, Erik, so I want you to download all the (inaudible 21:45) to my head so I can like be so cool and get any bad guy I want, nah, I’m just kidding.

Jaii:  Erik’s going to work on that for you, he’s saying.

Elisa:  Right!

Erik:  Yeah and so you’ll get the downloads and once you start getting a little bit used to that, you’re going start hearing and seeing me more.

Jaii:  Are you starting to notice him more, Elisa?

Elisa:  I think I do, especially when I take a bath.

Jaii: Mm-hmm. That’s because you’re relaxed, you get relaxed and there’s nothing else you have to think about or do.

Elisa:  That’s true.

Jaii:  Except be comfortable.

Elisa:  I have such a very busy life, so it’s really hard, it’s not an excuse, it’s just an explanation, to carve away a piece of time to just relax, except when I am forced to, when I take a bath, but I have to be more diligent about that.

Jaii: Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm. You’re correct in that, that’s why a lot of people don’t hear the voices of spirit because they are so busy and so distracted, so when you can just carve out a little bit of time, even if it’s just a few minutes, a few times a day and increase it more and more, and you can, when you’re doing the dishes or if you’re mowing the lawn or doing something like those kinds of menial tasks.

Elisa:  Working the garden, oh, okay.

Jaii:  You can start channel then also. The other thing people do not realize a lot of people when you are doing something creative, say you’re painting, you’re crocheting, you’re working in your garden, you are actually channelling energies through your body, when you’re doing some of these activities, so that’s the other thing that can really enhance it. Doing things that enhance your creativity.

Elisa: That’s true, when I do garden, like weeding, I don’t know why there’s so many weeds! I spend most of my time saying, oh I’m so sorry but (pluck) you don’t belong here, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, so instead I need to focus on channelling Erik (laughing).

Jaii:  Yeah, it’s just a matter of where you tune your energy because when you’re just at that space, when you’re at the heart space where you could hear this way or that way, it’s just a matter of focusing, your energy this way, setting the intention to channel Erik and it’s going to happen.

Elisa: Okay.

Jaii:  So, it’s getting clearer and clearer every day so why don’t you go ahead and come on over and you can see Erik and maybe I’ll pop in and meet you while you’re over there, and you can have your visit and we can ask Erik some more questions about the Astral Realm.

Elisa:  Okay.

Jaii:  Maybe he could tell us how people, if they feel like they’re having some influence from the heavier side of the astral realm how they can rid themselves of that. What are the things they can do, so if you’re ready, should we get started, should we get you over there and visit Erik?


Kim places Elisa in hypnosis and directs her to the 5th dimension where she visits Erik. Please see the YouTube video “Channeling Erik Connecting to Source” 


Kim:  And once you are there, invite Erik to step forward and join you, and then let me know when you have that image Elisa. Why don’t you spend a little bit of time with Erik, catching up and hugging him or whatever you need to do and when you’re ready for some questions, just go ahead and let me know. Now, we’re going to ask Jaii to step forward as well, we’re going to ask those two guys to communicate with you. Let me know when you (inaudible 34:40), when it feels like he’s there, I don’t know if you’ll see him, feel him or hear him but let me know when you’ve got that. Okay. So, now Erik and Jaii, we want to learn some more about the Astral Realm and making a connection with you guys. One of the ways that Erik works with me, he’s got what I call code words, so not only does he play songs in my mind, if I am working with somebody, and this is more you Elisa in particular and I’m about to bring through too much information that’s going to overwhelm you, that he thinks should wait for the next time, he plays the mission impossible theme song in my mind, so that I know your either going into overwhelm and he also uses that to tell me that I’m going into overwhelm, that I need to stop and evaluate what’s going on and pull my energy back into myself. So, if you could ask Erik, what are some of the other ways that he’ll come through to you Elisa or other people, what are some of the other code words or scenes or things he’s going to do when he’s communicating to you so that you know it’s him.

Elisa: Yeah, Erik what is the, what is it?

Kim: Code words, yeah give us some code words or code scenes you’re going to show your Mom.

Elisa: Vibration on my skin, some where.

Kim: Vibration on your skin, like the feeling of goosebumps?

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim:  Okay. So, when your Mom is asking a question can you show her this, this is one of the ways I communicate with you, especially if I feel like my mind is going to block it because maybe I don’t want to hear it, or I’m afraid or something, I will ask you and Jaii to show me what the sensations show me by showing me a sensation around my heart and my body, so could you show your Mom what it feels like around her heart for a yes answer. Say Elisa, your going to ask him a question is this a good step for me, is this a good next move, ask Erik to show you what your going to feel around your heart and let me know when you.

Elisa:  Show me, show me what your yes would be as far as sensation around my heart area.

Kim:  Do you feel how it gets warm and expansive and feels like it gets bigger.

Elisa:  Not yet, make it stronger Erik, because you know how I am.

Kim: Erik, turn it up, turn up the Erik, we know you know how you do that.

Elisa:  Okay, I feel it, but it’s also tugging from my throat to my heart.

Kim: Okay, I wonder if there’s a little bit of a throat block there, we’ll talk to him about that in a minute, we can release it if it is. Okay, let’s do the opposite now, your Mom’s, Erik your Mom’s come up with an idea that’s not so good, it’s going to lead her down a road of unpleasantness, and she asks you, Erik is this a good idea, show her the sensation she’s going to feel and know that it’s a no.

Elisa:  I feel more heaviness in the solar plexus.

Kim:  Yeah.

Elisa: The tugging at the throat.

Kim:  Yeah, you’re going to get a restrictive feeling, so you notice how when it was a yes, you felt warmth and expansion and tugging up at your throat at a higher vibration, when it was a no, you felt cold, constricted and you felt the tugging down in the solar plexus. So, that’s your hint, what about Erik, do you ever play with your Mom’s hair? So, she knows you’re present, do you every just run your fingers kind of through her hair, so she can feel your energy on her head?

Elisa: He does that with Maria, he flickers lights sometimes.

Kim: Uh-huh, he flickers lights sometimes. Start communicating with those lights when it’s happening ask him questions and watch the kind of responses you get.

Elisa:  I know I feel him really strong (inaudible 40:28), I don’t know if I could pick it up really well, in my heart.

Erik: With practice you’ll get it. It’s like anything, practice will make it clearer and clearer and clearer. And the other this is too, the fear of my death and feeling the pain of my death, has caused you to slow down the energy in your heart, so you wouldn’t feel it, now that you’ve moved beyond the pain and you’re doing so much better, it’s safe to let that in.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim: Yeah, that’s what he’s saying.

Elisa:  I figured.

Kim: Uhm, okay Erik we have a question, we were speaking about  the lower end of the astral realm and where people can connect in with negative energies and be influenced, if somebody feels like they’re being influenced by a negative, that’s not the right word, by a lower frequency entity that’s causing interference in their life, what are some of the things they can do to rid themselves of that?

Erik:  Sage, smudging, Palo Santo, crystals.

Elisa:  Something else but now I forgot it. Repeat it Erik, repeat that other one I’m forgetting. Oh, raise the vibration, watch stand up comedy, listen to music, dance, get the fuck out.

Kim:  Because people have ownerships over their own space, can’t they demand that an entity or a negative energy leave and stay clear? Is that correct?

Elisa: Show me the yes feeling or the no feeling, Erik. Yeah, I think it feels more airy, in my heart, it’s a yes.

Kim:  Okay, I think that would be a yes. Yes, I’m getting a yes. So, if somebody is being influenced by a lower vibrational entity, there’s a part of them that has to give permission for that to happen, is that correct? Not on a conscious level. Nobody’s going around, going ghosts come and bother me.

Elisa:  Show me stronger Erik. I don’t know what I’m getting (inaudible 43:29), it’s between yes and no, so maybe.

Kim: I could see that because, yes you do give them permission on some level, it feels like it’s more of a thing because people don’t realize how powerful they are, that they can put their foot down and say no get out and that they can hold their own power. Is that accurate Erik?

Elisa:  Show me strong, Erik. I would say yeah.

Kim:  So, and then I wonder how much influence can the astral realm, the heavy side of the spiritual realm have on somebody with a weaken system, say somebody that is exhibiting, you know some kind of schizophrenia or something, if they are hearing the voices that are telling them to do really you know what we would consider evil things, is that typically because  they are spiritually gifted and hearing into the other side, or are these made up voices that they’ve conjured up themselves? Or can it be a little of both?

Elisa: (inaudible 45:00). No, is it the entities? Yeah.

Kim:  So, when somebody’s hearing these horrible things, we hear about a voice told me to do it, you’ll hear somebody that’s very delusional say they heard the voice of God and it told him to do this and they did some horrible thing, that’s actually an entity and its delusional, and Jaii is coming through and he’s asking me to talk about the voice of spirit is loving, encouraging, usually speaks in second party terms, so if you’re hearing the voice of spirit, you wouldn’t hear it as oh I should go to the store, you would hear it in second party as be ready you need to go to the store now, something to that effect where they’re saying, you as opposed to thinking I, and they don’t exactly tell you to go to the store, I’m just using that as an example, but they’re encouraging, speak in second party terms, loving, they never give you fearful thoughts. They encourage you, they pump you up, they show you how to get out the trauma and the drama, if you’re listening to a negative entity, they’re going to feed into it, they’re going to be trying to influence you to do things to keep your vibration lower to stay in the lower frequency and create more trauma and drama. Jaii’s asking me to speak about also, that if somebody who is in the service of self energy structure has an intent on creating equal, they project that out, especially with the new energies, the way they’ve shifted, if they project that out and they try to harm another individual, the energies on the planet do not support that any longer most of the time what happens is it boomerangs back to that person and they create their own karmic situation, similar what they were intending to the other, and as this planet ascends it’s happening more and more and the service to self energy structure has lost a great deal of power. Basically, Jaii is telling me it’s over, it’s just a matter of the pieces falling into place. Energetically the structure is set up, the ascension is on, it is happening we all know that but it is now at a place where the service to self knows they have lost the battle and there’s is much frustration and that’s why the continue to do what they’re doing. It’s less and less effective to them each and every day and is there anything that Erik or Jaii would like to add to that?

Elisa: Anything else guys?

Kim: So then if we could just talk a few minutes about what is the best way to counteract negativity or evil in this world.

Erik: Just as Mom said, pray, pray, pray for these people, send them white light, send the love, it helps them to heal. There will be divine justice, which is not the same as revenge which many people want, our goal is for everybody to ascend and some will need to be forced into it, and they’ll be exposed for what they’re doing, and others will just naturally shift over but our end goal, is always, should be for the entire planet to ascend and that we should send light and love to these individuals, if you have anybody that you consider and enemy, pray for them and send them light everyday and it will completely turn your world around, and so Elisa, if you’d like to just spend a few more minutes with Erik, if you have anything else that you want to ask him and share with us, feel free but let me know when you’re ready, when all that feels complete and we’ll cross you back over and talk about it.

Elisa:  As the planet ascends what happens to all those negative entities? I guess some of them are left behind? Maybe?

Kim: They’ll be left behind, and they’re telling me that some will, their lives will end with them still believing in the service to the negativity, the service to self structure but more and more people are going to shift to a service to others but that some of these energy constructs have been present on the planet for so long, people are just not willing to give them up and they’ll just die with those belief systems and then in their next lifetime they can come back into a healthier world if they choose to. So, with the ascension, it’s not going to happen immediately, we’re going to see things getting better and better all the time but some of it, it’s just going to have to wait until these people in government or those type of leadership roles, until they either retire, pass away and the new generation that we have raised, he is speaking specifically of our generation Elisa, our children, are ready. Oh, big goosebumps! They are standing ready to take their place when the moment is right.

Elisa: Good.

Kim: So, let me know, say your see you laters to Erik and ask any other questions and when you’re ready to cross back over let me know. Okay, so now go ahead and give Erik and hug and a kiss good-bye, and tell Jaii good-bye and you’ll see them later, and rise from your bench and walk back towards the clearing, and cross the bridge. Once you’ve crossed the bridge back into the third dimension, anchor your energy into the earth, and when you’re ready, bring your awareness back to physical body and open your eyes and talk.

Elisa: It was really hard to get back to consciousness, oh, wow!

Kim:  You were very deep that time, Erik just brought up a point.

Erik:  You know like when we were over there talking Mom, for right now just say what comes to your mind and what feels right, it doesn’t matter what if it’s right, right now.

Elisa: Well, yeah of course.

Kim:  This is about you getting practice and that’s how you learn by experiencing, you’ll go, oh when I thought it was this, that was really because of this reason, it wasn’t Erik or oh yes that was Erik! Now I get it.

Elisa: There’s no right or wrong, I mean you know that’s fine.

Kim: Yeah.

Erik: It just doesn’t matter.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  Even if you were wrong but as you start to practice, that’s the important thing, practice.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim:  And so, anything you want to tell me about your experience over there, we always should hear about what Erik was wearing (laughs), I have to tell you what he did one time too.

Elisa:  Uh-oh. Uhm, his shirt was white with some colored sleeves, but that’s all I saw, he wasn’t wearing a hat, I gave him a hug and I kissed him on the lips, first time I’ve done that in a long time, because he wouldn’t let me most of the time. Jaii, I saw just mostly white body, this white body, and a darker face and white, engulfed in white.

Kim:  I’ll send you a picture of him later, so you know what he looks like. Yeah, it’s so funny because whenever we hear descriptions of him, what he’s wearing, I never hear about any shoes, so one day I asked him, don’t you guys have shoes over there or are you all barefoot or what? What’s going on? And so, I had a client later, no I did not have a client later that day, one of the videos release, she followed along and did the meditation, she saw Erik during the meditation. He made a big deal about bending over and tying his shoes, and she said I just had to email you this because it was so random, I don’t know what he was trying to tell me. Well, he was trying to get her, to tell me, yes, we do have shoes. I mean he just screws around like that with people. He’s fun.

Elisa:  Of course, well Jayme used to say she never sees his feet, but now you know, recently I can’t remember who it was, saw him with white shoes with a black stripe on each side.

Kim: Hmm. Like a tennis shoe.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim: I could see him in tennis shoes, yup. Yeah, so any other questions?

Elisa: No, that was awesome. You know what we should do a session on Akashic Records.

Kim: Let’s do that next time! I was kind of thinking of that at this time, and that’s when Erik and Jaii told me this morning that, to do this one first because it will give people a better picture of how some of the you know tragedies and stuff, how they’re created and played out, and that will help us to work with the Akashic Records better.

Elisa: Oh, good.

Kim: By knowing how things happened.

Elisa: What should the title of this be?

Kim:  The Astral Realm.

Elisa:  I figured. Okay, well let me stop the recording and I want to ask you something.

Featured image courtesy of Mysterious Radio.

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