Hi Elisa! Love your YouTube channel. Can you talk about Scientology. It is a billion dolloar BUSINESS lead by David Miscavige who is the “pope” of Scientology and has been accused numerous times of physically abusing his staff. It’s been in newspapers & all over the internet. Many executives have left Scientology and have spoken out about the leader, the organization and Sceintology in general. They put their members who question Sceintology in “The Hole”, are locked down and fed slop. It is like living in jail. Their headquarters in Hemet, CA is surrounded with barb wire so that no one can get out and no one is let in. Every activity is monitored including the internet, phone calls and some are even escorted to dr’s apppointments. How is this a church? When will the IRS come down on them or start question them? And when will law enforcement step in and do something about their treatment towards parishoners?? When will the church go down if ever?? Can you Erik talk about this? And/or can you interview the current leader’s higher self and get his take on the church and why they’re doing what they’re doing and why he does not care for how his parishoners/members are treated?? Thanks!

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